Friday, January 10, 2020

Michael Tracey, King of the Fake Asses, couldn't note the deaths of Ahmed and Safaa or the protests in Iraq

How could I forget Michael Tracey?  30 Tweets in the last 24 hours?  How many about the brave Iraqi protesters?


How many about Ahmed Abdul Samad and Safaa Ghali -- the two journalists killed today for covering the protests?


Now Michael does have time to beg.

Panhandle Media, Ava and I called it years ago.

They beg you for money because they can't get real jobs.  If they could get real jobs, they wouldn't have to beg.  Panhandle Media.

Michael's the angry, abusive man, trying to prove his manhood by threatening and punching:

If I hear “we’re not going to war with Iran” one more time I’m going to punch a hole in the wall.

You brave keyboard warrior!!!!

I'm not going to punch anything or anyone.  But I really don't want to hear you call yourself a journalist again, beggar.  You chose not to note the protests in Iraq today. 

You're a joke and a fool.

How did we end Thursday's snapshot?  Like this:

Ali Hussein has a powerful column on the stupidity of Mahdi and how he does not serve the needs of the Iraqi people.  Iraqi journalists stick their necks out in ways that western journalists do not.  They are living in a war zone, they have a government that is hostile to a free press (no, it doesn't mock them on Twitter, it physically attacks them).  Still they persevere and engage and debate and report.  All of this is to note that one source we used to utilize is no more.  SHAFAK ceased publication on December 31st.  It noted that there was no funding for independent journalism in Iraq.

Ahmed Abdul Samad and Safaa Ghali gave their lives today.  They did it to cover something that truly matters -- people attempting to control their destinies, people wanting self-government and foreigners out of their country.  That wasn't a topic for Michael Tracey or for Margaret Kimberley or for Aaron Mate or for Max Blumenthal or for CODESTINK or for Medea Benjamin.  How long are you going to let these hucksters fool you? 

You judge people by their actions.  Anyone can mouth some pretty words and pretend.  Today, the fake asses demonstrated yet again that they don't give a damn about Iraq.

I'm not going to punch a wall -- I'm not macho b.s. artist Michael Tracey -- but I am about to cry that Ahmed and Safaa risked their lives to cover real events that matter and that they were killed for doing so.