Sunday, June 07, 2020

CNN plays footsie with a War Criminal while a death in Iraq from 2016 is resolved?

May 12, 2016,  Christopher Betts died on the Baghdad compound of the Australian Embassy at the age of 34 via a gunshot to the head.  9 NEWS reports today:

The family of a former soldier who died of a gunshot to his head at Australia's embassy in Iraq is not surprised a coroner ruled out him intending to kill himself.
Queensland coroner Terry Ryan today handed down his findings into the mysterious death of Christopher Betts, 34, four years ago.
He was working as a private security guard in the Baghdad embassy at the time.
Mr Ryan told the Brisbane Coroners Court he could not make a ruling the death was suicide.

Christopher Betts was in Baghdad to provide security for the Austrlian Embassy staff.  He worked for the military contractors Unity Resources Group.  Christopher had previously been a member of the Australian military.

Both were friends who worked for the firm Unity Resources Group (URG), contracted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to provide personal protection to embassy staff.

Mr Betts was off-duty, in a room in the embassy compound's accommodation block.

It was the end of his eight-week deployment and Mr Betts was due to travel home to his wife and parents in Hervey Bay, Queensland, the following day.

He and another contractor Sun McKay had been playing online computer games and drinking.

Just before 2.30am Mr Betts picked up Mr McKay's loaded Glock handgun, held it next to his head and pulled the trigger.

The death initially appeared to be suicide, according to reports through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Speaking outside court, Mr Betts' father Colin Betts said the coroner's findings were what he had expected.

"In our hearts we always knew that our son Chris would never have taken his own life deliberately," he said.

"And yes, it appears it's been a tragic accident."

Four years after the death of their loved one, hopefully his family has some degree of peace and closure.

Meanwhile, journalist Mustafa Habib offers his thoughts on a US withdrawal from Iraq:

The US will likely have one main goal, curtail Iran influence. To achieve this, the US should support Iraqi govt with medical & economic crises. The success of govt which is generally not close to Iran influencers, would be one way to enhance Iraqi sovereignty & independence...

The US shouldn’t withdraw all of its soldiers from Iraq, only the combat units that so anger Iran. It should leave advisers & trainers together w members of global coalition, to provide air cover & intelligence that can aid Iraqi anti-terrorism troops in fight against extremists

Should the US troops be forced to withdraw will make a lack of international partners could see the Shiite forces loyal to Iran getting stronger, even in Sunni cities, and it would also jeopardise the new Iraqi govt’s ability to run the country & to hold elections.

I disagree with Mustafa but those are his thoughts.  (I disagree on the US staying.  The outcome he's predicting?  Very likely.  And it's not going to change in five years or twenty.  So withdraw all US troops.)

In other news, Colin Powell lied to the United Nations in order to help start the Iraq War.  (See Ava and my "TV Review: Barbara and Colin remake The Way We Were.")  He was part of a team of liars that also included Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, John Bolton and Bully Boy Bush among others.  He's gone on to lie about his lies.  And yet today he wanted to whine about Donald Trump lying.  Sarah Abdallah observes:

Colin Powell, who lied to the entire world about WMDs in Iraq, paving the way for an illegal war that killed and displaced millions of innocents, gave rise to ISIS, and destabilized the Middle East, is actually out here today lecturing us about lies.

Why did CNN put that piece of trash on to begin with?  He's a known liar.  He's never helped anyone but himself.  He lied about Vietnam, he lied his whole life.  His hands are soaked in blood.  He's never apologized for that.

He's also the person who refused to allow openly gay people to serve in the military.  That was what Bill Clinton had promised voters while he campaigned in 1992.  Colin wasn't having it.  That's why Bill proposed Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  In 2010, he was finally for repealing it.  He has never been forced to apologize, nor has he ever faced serious questions about his homophobia.  

Jake Tapper brought him on today as 'wise' Colin Powell, everybody's friend.  Jake did everything but shove his hand down the front of Colin's pants and give the liar a happy ending.  Jake should be ashamed of himself and so should CNN.  

Colin Powell’s lies led to the murder of millions in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Colin Powell has as much blood on his hands as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Colin Powell is not a paragon of morality. Colin Powell is a war criminal.