Saturday, June 13, 2020

Look who's making things up now

ZERO HEDGE Tweeted this:

US Signs Commitment For Mass Troop Exit From Iraq, Vows "No Permanent Bases"

Worse, they wrote this.

Everything ZH is covering Saturday afternoon?  We covered it in Friday morning's Iraq snapshot -- only we covered it without stupidity.

These are vague talks, no numbers, no timelines, nothing to trumpet her.

The permanent bases?  I believe it was Nance Pelosi in 2007 who declared that there was no such thing as a "permanent base" since nothing was permanent.  

There's no news out of these talks with regards to withdrawal.  The only thing that's taking place, grow up, is that the US is pressuring Iraq to do various economic concessions -- and the State Dept would like you to believe that the US government is pressuring the Iraqi government on human rights issues (that's not happening).

That's an AL-ARABYIA video report from earlier today.  Again, ZERO HEDGE has an article that tells you nothing and what it implies is inaccurate.

I roll my eyes over the 'facts' presented by ZERO HEDGE in the same way as I roll my eyes over the 'facts' in this letter to the editor.

That both idiots are promoting departure from Iraq does not erase their stupidity.

US troops need to leave Iraq.  They need to do so now.

Holding that opinion does not mean I have to agree with people who feel 'facts' are whatever fancy struck their mind that day.

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