Wednesday, June 03, 2020

I stand with Alec Baldwin

That's HERE'S THE THING, where Alec Baldwin interviews Woody Allen.  It originally aired on Tuesday.

I haven't listened yet.  I will at some point tonight.

I know Woody -- we are not friends.  To the writer who e-mailed yesterday asking if I had anything I wanted to share re: Woody and Mia, I've written all that I care to at this point.  Mia and I are no longer friends -- my choice, I'm the one who dumped her.  I stopped returning her calls while Barack was in the White House.  Her constant calls for war made her a fake ass and I don't hang with fake asses.  To be clear, I have friends of all stripes and some are pro-war.  But they don't pretend that they're not.  If you're my friend, I'll accept who you are.  But don't front one image when it's really not who you are.   Mia never really protested the war in Vietnam -- she tries to pretend like she did but she didn't.  She was too busy being Mrs. Frank Sinatra and bed hopping with all those other men.  And that's her right.  But when we have wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and the bitch can't say word one to call for an end to them and, worse, actively begs for Bully Boy Bush to send troops into Sudan?  F**k that.  

I am not friends with Dylan (or Ronan).  I know Dylan through Mia.  I always accepted Dylan's story and Mia's story.  What changed?  Dylan as an adult.  She's lying and I believe she knows she's lying.  I probably would have stayed out of it had she not attacked Diane Keaton.  Unlike Mia, Diane's never beaten her kids.  Diane is a sweet and wonderful person.  When Dylan tried to grab publicity by attacking Diane and pretending she had been friends with Diane -- no, never happened.  She's a damn liar about that.  And it forced me to seriously examine the story, to reflect on it, to reflect on what I knew (including Mia's interest early that year in how a friend of ours planted a memory in a child to turn the child against an in-law).  I thought about how Mia is when she's worried and, no, Mia doesn't leave the children to go shopping and have fun if she's afraid they're at risk.  And if a man molests your child, you certainly don't have a freak fest when he tells you that you're not wanted for MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY.  In fact, you don't try to make movies with him at all.  Mia's a liar.  She staged the whole Golden Globes nonsense to get publicity.  'Oh, how awful,' she whined on Twitter -- as though she didn't participate in it.  She signed off on that tribute when she agreed to it, they couldn't show her clips without her consent.  She's a liar.  

I have friends who lie. I have friends who tell the truth.  My view is, if you're my friend, and you're telling a story that's false, it's true to you, that somewhere there's some truth in it.  I don't extend that to non-friends.  When Mia and Dylan went after Diane Keaton, that was it for me.

I don't like Woody Allen.  I never got the impression he liked me.  That's fine.  I'm not one of those people who has to be liked by everyone.  And he wasn't my type of person just as I wasn't his type.

He's not a bad person, we just have different personalities.  

When Mia and Dylan went after Diane and others, that was it for me.  I'd already walked away from the friendship (though I don't think Mia understood that until I started posting about her online -- here and at THIRD).  When they went after Diane, I went through everything that had taken place and re-examined it.  

Mia's a liar and she planted the memory if Dylan has a memory -- but I'm told Dylan has voiced privately that she does question what really happened -- especially due to Mia leaving her with Woody the day the molesting supposedly took place.

So anyway, I thought I'd said it all, maybe that made it more clear.

Alec.  I have known Alec for years and that's actually why I'm posting this.  I've noted that I know Alec -- both at this site and at THIRD.  When he's done something stupid, I usually ignore it.  (Grasping that I do far more stupid things than he could ever do.)  If it something that requires me calling him out, I do so.  

But I know Alec and I love Alec.  And I learned about the interview and attacks on Alec when we were speaking to a group today.

I explained Alec to them and I'm going to try to explain it here.  Alec doesn't need my help but I do love him and I think he's being attacked unfairly.

Re: Woody, as Alec has noted, two investigations cleared Woody.  

But the thing that has him being attacked the most was his being dismissive of Blackout Tuesday.

People need to shut the f**k up.

I'm serious.  This sort of garbage needs to stop.

Someone starts an event -- such as Blackout Tuesday?  No one has to agree with it.  Get over yourselves.

You had an idea.

Well other people didn't like it.

Alec would never like it.  I don't like it.  I didn't attack it, but I did ignore it.

We don't do that sort of 'action' here.  We don't believe in silence.  It's bulls**t.  We need loud voices, not moments of silence.

Alec and I both majored in poli sci.  It's one of the reasons we can shorthand so many conversations.

When the hideous Jane Alexander was destroying the arts in the 90s, Alec and I were on the same page.  The answer is not to be silent and go along, you have to demand what is needed, you have to fight.  Even if it means you lose, you fight. Jane Alexander did real damage to the National Endowment of the Arts by trying to appease Newt Gingrich and refusing to fight for art.

Alec Baldwin is all about equality and he's about using your voice.  

No event that calls for silence is ever going to be an action he's going to applaud.

Grasp that silence is how we got here.  Silence is never the answer.  We need a vibrant discussion and that means mass participation.  It doesn't mean let's-fall-silent.

These attacks on Alec are ridiculous and embarrassing.

He is allowed not to take part in any action.  And he will never be part of an action that asks people to be silent or stand down.  

Your stupidity is not Alec's problem and, from a poli sci perspective, your Tuesday action was stupidity.  

It distracted from larger issues, it led to silences, because you didn't know what the f**k you were doing, you had some people helping you that were drowning out -- not by their intentions -- Black Lives Matter.

Your non-action was bulls**t.  

I say that as someone who majored in poli sci as an undergrad and in grad school.

You go to your safe space and you do your parallel play all you want.  But in poli sci, we are taught that you have to mix it up, you have to elbow your way in, you have to act and you have to use your voice.

Jane Alexander's refusal to do so in the 90s is why we couldn't stand her.  

There will never be an 'action' like Black Tuesday that Alec's going to do cartwheels over.  Poli sci majors on the left will see as a cop-out, a diversion and, yes, a betrayal.

I'm glad it filled some do-nothings with a sense of wonder and let them feel so self-righteous over doing nothing.  But from a poli sci perspective, don't expect those of us educated in revolution and rebellion to applaud you for this nonsense measure that put no pressure on anyone -- though it did let some of the guilty buy their way out of being slammed.

Please note, my attitude prior to the attacks on Alec, were to ignore your nonsense.  It was futile and it wasn't going to achieve anything -- it was the political equivalent of green washing -- but have at it, do what you want.  However, when you then slam someone who actually knows about political action because he doesn't want to take part in your non-action?  Then I'm going to stop being nice and I'm going to call you the f**k out.

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