Wednesday, June 03, 2020

"Karens Against Police Brutality with Johanna Fernandez & Margaret Kimberley

Please support The Katie Halper Show on Patreon Photos and videos from Johanna Fernandez, Lorie Shaull and Kemal Cilengir/L.A. Taco Historian and activist Johanna Fernandez joins me and Margaret Kimberley live from an NYC protest for George Floyd. She talk about the tragedy, outrage and trauma of the murder of George Floyd but also about the surprising sense of revelry. She says that "it's important to say that working class white people are fighting. Because we watch the television and we see Trump supporters and we think that white people in America en masse are a basket of deplorables. Because there was an enormous amount of pessimism about the possibility of solidarity across racial lines." And she mentions her favorite sign, which is "I'm a Karen Against Police Brutality." And she compares the protests against the murders of Eric Garner and Freddie Gray and with the protests against the murder of George Floyd. Follow Katie on Twitter: