Monday, February 22, 2021

Biden & ‘The NY Times’ Are the New Trump & Fox News


 Joe Biden will be taking a very different, yet very much the same, approach toward China. He won’t be changing anything, per se, but he’ll be dignified and decent about it. And what do “dignity” and “decency” mean in this context, you ask? Well, they mean a return to politics as usual, which involves laundering your agenda through a willing press outlet so that other outlets pick up pieces of the first story that seem newsworthy and report on them until you have a whole (largely) truthful but somewhat banal narrative that supports the fraudulent but more interesting one you made happen in the first place. In this case, Jack Allison takes us on a journey wherein we’re somehow back to blaming the World Health Organization (WHO) for believing China’s answers regarding the initial outbreak of Covid-19. Despite the fact that two WHO sources interviewed by “The New York Times” say that they were wholly misrepresented by paper, the story lives on! ***Please support The Katie Halper Show *** On Patreon Follow Katie on Twitter: