Monday, February 22, 2021

Neoliberalism and the Destruction of Democracy w/ Margaret Kimberley and Marcus of Left Flank Vets

 Now that the impeachment trial is over we can focus on, what the left was told do during the election, "pushing the Biden administration left". So far he's reneged on many of his campaign promises most notably a one time payment of $2,000 to a people that have financially gutted by a big business first CARES ACT and an almost feudal government. From our guest Margaret Kimberley in her latest for Black Agenda Report: Democracy is hanging on by a thread because of bipartisan support for neoliberal policies. Democrats and Republicans alike depend upon their respective donor classes and do their bidding. If the rulers want workers back on the job, and they do, they certainly don’t want generous income support to become law. That simple fact must be kept hidden with lofty yet phony rhetoric about the U.S. being a good and honorable nation ruined only by the presence of Trump in the White House.