Saturday, February 27, 2021

HBO proved it!

Well HBO did it.  They proved it.  Woody Allen had an affair with Soon-Yi.  That is the basis of their ALLEN V FARROW garbage.  

As I noted earlier this week, they use the affair to enrage people.  I think most functioning adults are immune to it by now.  Woody and Soon-Yi have made a life together, married and have two kids.  Mia?  After her plot to steal Mike Nichols away from Diane Sawyer failed, she never really had any kind of relationships.  (To be clear, Mike turned her down immediately.  He was appalled by her proposition and was just going to give her a small part in WOLF as a favor to her as a friend.  When she disgraced herself with her clumsy pass, he withdrew the offer.)

HBO's ALLEN V FARROW is trash TV and the very essence of fake news.  

Since Wednesday's "Iraq snapshot" went up, a ton of e-mails on the topic.  At the end of Ava and my "TV: Back into the cesspool," the following are noted:

"The award for best self-created drama goes to Mia Farrow (Ava and C.I.)"

"TV: Another idiot for the idiot box"

"Mia and the meanings for America"

"Mia and her brood drag whatever's left of the name through the mud"

"TV: The gifted?"

"Dylan whines to Maureen Orth who passes it on to Janet Maslin"

"Media: "It's very rude of him," she said, "To come and spoil the fun!""

"He's a criminal (Ava and C.I.)"

"Saint Maria de Lourdes"

"Natalie Wood: The lies that remain repeated (C.I.)"

"Deep Thoughts From Roh-Roh Farrow"

"MEDIA: Hannah Gadsby is the 21st century's Jimmy Swaggart"

If you have a question, you might try referring to those.  Martha and Shirley counted over 3,000 e-mails that came in since Wednesday's "Iraq snapshot" went up.

There's one question I've got no problem going back over.  If I believed Mia (and Dylan) in 1992, why not now?

As I explained -- and have explained many times -- Mia pretended to be offended by the tribute and award to Woody Allen from the Golden Globes.  She was appalled -- on Twitter.  In real life, she was thrilled.  She signed off on her clip being used in the tribute.  She's a liar and she's a whore.  But we'll come back to that.  Then we had Dylan Farrow pretending that Diane Keaton (a) owed her something and (b) had been a great friend.  

Diane was never Mia's friend, let alone Dylan's.  Woody and Mia never lived together.  Diane never visited the big apartment Mia lied to keep in NYC.  Diane never visited Mia in Connecticut.  If Diane bumped into Mia, it was when she was visiting Woody (either having a meal with him or where he was filming or editing a movie).  

Dylan knows she lied when she claimed Diane was her friend.

In 1992, it didn't matter to me.  I was speaking out against Woody so I didn't need to have an opinion other than I support my friend -- an automatic reaction.  In the first two years, there were things that didn't make sense but I had other things to do (I have my own life).  I didn't owe Woody anything.  He wasn't my friend.  His name had been cleared.  I had never weighed in publicly.

Mia and I have mutual friends.  To this day.  Mia used to trash them all the time (I'm sure she trashed me behind my back).  If one of our friends had an abortion, Mia wrote the most hateful letters about them and about where they were going to end up (hell, in her opinion).

She had really started to get on my nerves on that so I started to avoid her in anything that would be one-on-one.  Then I avoided her even more as the next decade rolled around and she was for war, war, war.  A war whore, if you will.  

She was never a hippie.  She was poser who was always disruptive.  

In 2013, I was really sick of her still harping on the Dylan issue.  

She lied to the public with her Tweet.  Her son Ronan aided her.  Ronan's work is brave.  It is also frequently not sound foundationally.

Matt Lauer?  I believe Ronan was right on him but Ronan's not nailed everything down in the past which gives someone like Matt the opportunity to weasel out of his actions.  His work with Jane Mayer is an embarrassment and the case of a failed geriatric writer trying to glom on to someone while they're 'hot.'  

As Mia continued trying to pretend that an accusation was a conviction, I looked at reality.  And, no, I don't believe her.  I don't believe Dylan but Dylan was told what happened by Mia -- and it's a fact that she's starting to realize because when she (Dylan) uses her own logic, she asks why, if Mia was really worried about Dylan being left alone with Woody, Mia left her alone with Woody that day to go . . . shopping.  Shopping.

No, that never made sense.

And Dylan's privately asked questions in the last years.  Mia really needs to nail this down quickly -- her accusations against Woody -- because the few children that still support Mommy Mia are dwindling and weakening in private.

It never made sense, it never added up.  It came after a mutual friend had lied to a child for a custody issue -- invented an event that never happened and drilled it into her daughter's mind (at least it wasn't a charge of molestation).  Mia was very, very curious about that event and about how long you had to work on it to get the child -- a five-year-old -- to accept it.

There is no proof.  Moses states Dylan's recall is wrong because the layout of the attic is wrong.  I believe Moses.

I believe Mia was angry to be publicly humiliated.

She always presented her mousy self as 'desirable.'  She thought she was just gorgeous and had a hot body and, among mutual friends, we'd roll our eyes when she went on about how desirable men found her.  She pursued Frank Sinatra and landed him, then she cheated on him non-stop to prove how 'hot' she was, then he dumped her and she set her sites on Dory Previn's husband, she landed him and they both cheated on each other, she slept with the married crew member on _____, she tried to seduce five different married men in 1979 -- three did sleep with her but wouldn't leave their wives for her.  She then landed Woody Allen and he grew bored with her.  They'd stopped having sex, per her.  She was enraged that all of NYC knew about his affair with Dianne Wiest, she was losing him and demanded a child from him.  It would fix everything.  Ronan/Satchel fixed nothing.  

They were moving apart.  It was an open relationship.  (Mia herself has stated that she slept with Frank Sinatra in the 80s -- stated publicly that she has.)  

Her feelings were hurt as she realized what a laughingstock she was because Woody had fallen in love with her daughter Soon-Yi.

Her feelings were hurt and she beat Soon-Yi and she tried to humiliate her.

She's never been a saint but she's really not even been a good mother.  

She pulled her daughter out of therapy when Dylan most needed it and would blame it on the Colorado state police -- they didn't want Dylan in therapy.  Really?  If so, that's when a parent needs to stand up -- and, no, they would have no legal right to prevent Dylan from being in therapy.

Dylan (and Ronan) attacking the therapist during a house visit in August of 1992 right before the therapist is sent packing?  Why did that happen?  What had Mia told the kids?  You need to ask those questions.

You also need to ask, if Ronan and Mia and Dylan are so damn concerned about the care of children, they've never written or spoken on Mia's brother who just got out of prison for molesting young boys.  

When I was friends with Mia, I took her at face value.  Once she was a non-stop war whore, I was done with her -- I noted her war whoring here and there was a tone repeatedly over the years here that shifted from kindness to finality.  

Once I reached that point and she pulled her Golden Globes stunt, I looked at everything.  There's no proof Woody did a damn thing.  It was investigated and was found to be more likely that Mia planted 'memories' in Dylan's mind.  

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