Sunday, September 11, 2005

"An Injustice Is Born" Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts

Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts. This one features John Roberts Jr. and the Bully Boy starring in "An Injustice Is Born." Bully Boy says, "I have found such a person in John Roberts." And he really did say that. I don't know if that inspired the comic but "Evergreen" (lyrics by Barbra Streisand, music by Paul Williams) includes the line, "I have found in you . . ." ("Evergreen" is from the film A Star Is Born.)

This is a repost because I inverted letters in Paul Williams' names and left "in" out of the line from "Evergreen." Nan caught both errors. "Evergreen" is her favorite song and she says to tell Isaiah this one made her laugh so hard she had to get up from her computer and walk around to catch her breath.