Friday, September 16, 2005

NYT: "Who's afraid of democracy in Afghanistan?" ask poet Somini Sengupta

Some times, time slips away. Last week, P.J. wanted us to note the latest from the New York Times in house poet, Somini Sengupta but I never found the time. (Apologies to P.J.) So we'll make this our spotlight entry. With an opening nod to Albee, Sengupta's off and running this morning with "Voting May Be Life-and-Death Choice for Afghans:"

Who's afraid of democracy in Afghanistan?
In the southern city of Kandahar

one morning last week,
a candidate for Parliament
opened her front gate
to find one of her campaign posters scribbled
with terrifying threats.
"Your children salute me every morning," said one.
"Soon, I will salute them back."

P.J. says to disclose (as we usually do) that he works for the Washington Post in case anyone feels that there's more than the normal head scratching reaction to Sengupta's prose.

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