Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show: Sat. Naomi Klein, Jeremy Scahill, Mary Gauthier; Sun. Suheir Hammad, Fergus Bordewich

Thanks to Martha, here's the line up for The Laura Flanders Show (which starts in less than an hour with the Saturday broadcast):

This weekend on Air America Radio, 7-10 PM EST

Saturday, September 17
Has Baghdad come to the Bayou? While the humanitarian crisis in the Gulf grows, Republican relief efforts include a raft of economic and social policies that serve the Right:
We’ll get a frontline report from award-winning independent journalist
NAOMI KLEIN will talk about disaster capitalism, US style.
Louisiana-born singer-songwriter MARY GAUTHIER on "Mercy Now," her CD that won the best new artist Americana Music Award.

Sunday, September 18
From the Gulf Coast to Persian Gulf to Supreme Court, will W's government ever do what's right?

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Remember, you can listen over broadcast radio (if there's an AAR in your area), via XM Satellite Radio (channel 167) or listen online.

My apologies for the delay re: The Laura Flanders Show and we're only noting it. Depending on where you are (if you're a domestic, United States community member,) as of ten o'clock EST, Air America still didn't have their schedule for the weekend up. Having spent the entire week in D.C. on my first day home, I wasn't prepared to wait around. Eli and Dallas checked repeatedly as I worked on the entries this morning. By ten, when both had e-mailed that it still wasn't up, I e-mailed Martha who's signed up for alerts from The Laura Flanders Show and told her no rush because I was on my way out the door. (And you can use the link above to sign up for the e-mail alerts from the Flanders' show.)

Next weekend, I'm back in DC and I will try to get The Laura Flanders Show line up posted regardless because it is the show the community loves. (And it's a wonderful show.) My apologies to members who also enjoy other weekend shows. (I know Steve Earle is popular as well and, time permitting, we'll note that and Chuck D's show tomorrow but right now I'm about to start the weekly marathon with The Third Estate Sunday Review.)

This week was thought to be a two days in D.C. tops and was a test run for this coming week. It ended up being a great deal more than two days. But on the plus side, though many issue were missed (by me, not the community), the site didn't go "dead" (thanks to a lot of help from members and friends). Joan's e-mailed today wondering if that will be the case next week as well and it will be. In addition, we are all committed to making sure The Third Estate Sunday Review has an edition of some kind. It may be easier than usual despite the schedule since Ava, Jess, Ty, Jim, Dona (The Third Estate Sunday Review), Rebecca (Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude), Cedric (Cedric's Big Mix), Betty (Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man), Kat (Kat's Korner), Mike (Mikey Likes It!), Elaine (Like Maria Said Paz) and myself will all be in D.C. (and all staying in the same location).

Somewhere during that time or after, two members are planning to start up sites. I hesitate to put that in because until a site's active, people can (and sometimes do) change their minds. If they start up during the weekend of protest, that will probably suffer from less attention than they'd get normally from community sites and that's been explained. (Meaning highlights and adding to permalinks by all sites.) If they do start up during next weekend, do not think they're being intentionally slighted, it's just going to be a time of activism and they'll be noted as much as possible during that and more so after next weekend is over.

Lastly, Marci e-mailed regarding a story noted on Friday here. I had Dallas check regarding the byline online and I've checked the print edition now that I'm home (during the week, I only read the copy and pastes from members). The article in question is "Bush Pledges Federal Role In Rebuilding Gulf Coast" and it ran on the front page of the print edition (upper right hand story). Marci is correct that the article in the print version is credited to Elisabeth Bumiller and David Sanger in the official byline. However, the version sent in by a member (the one we link to) is credited (official byline) solely to Bumiller. (Both print version and online contain "end credits." Unless there's a point to them, we're not noting end credits.) (The end credits for the online version are: "Anne E. Kornblut, Robert Pear and David E. Sanger.") I prefer to work from the print version (or, as I like to think of, the one I'm paying for) but this week, I didn't look at a physical copy of the paper until Saturday. If the Times changes credit from online to print while I'm again in D.C., people will be omitted again.

We try to give writers credit (and blame) for what they deserve. But I was working from the article e-mailed by a member and that version was credited (in the official byline) solely to Bumiller. If you use the link to "Bush Pledges Federal Role in Rebuilding Gulf Coast," you'll see that it still is credited (in the official byline) solely to Bumiller. Thanks to Marci for the heads up to this because it could happen again next week so it's good that we addressed it.

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