Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sept. 24th, noon to 4, "Anti-War Fair," in Memorial Park, Oklahoma City (joni, Oklahoma Indymedia)

Jody e-mails to note this from Oklahoma Indymedia:

"Anti War Fair! S24"
by joni - Codepink, OK Green,Tulsa Peace Fellowship Monday, Sep 12 2005, 10:41am
This will be a Blast!

The largest PEACE EVENTS of this war will take place September 24, in Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City.

Former Okla. Governor David Walters will be one keynote speaker at Oklahoma City's ANTI-WAR FAIR,
Sat. Sept 24,
from noon to 4 pm,
in Memorial Park,
NW 36th & Classen Blvd.

Other keynote is ex-CIA analyst David MacMichael who is being flown in for the weekend's activities, and will be offering a special "teach-in" still to be arranged. Event visitors will be invited to sign petitions to "End the War Now, Bring the Troops Home" Activities for Children and Youth are planned. Tables and Booths of aligned organizations will circulate alerts, information, T-shirts and Buttons. Live Music from local bands. WITH HTML TO APPEAR ON FRONT PAGE
"Free Speech" area with PA system.

Staffed "Medical Tent" will be "Camp Casey Oklahoma City" Dunk Tank choices: Osama Bin Laden -- or -- GWBush
Organized and sponsored by members of several
groups including the Impeach Bush Rally, The Peace House, Spiritual Walk for Peace, Joy Mennonite Church, and others.
WEBSITE (note: no "www")

As I just finished typing in the last entry, check your communities to see what's going in your area. There's more than just the rally in D.C.

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