Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews

The Sunday Chat and Chews. Sadly, they never go on hiatus. (Check local listings for times.)

NBC's Meet the Press offers Gwen Ifill (PBS's Washout Week? Washington Weak?), Judy Woodruff (no longer the anchor of Inside Politics, formely known as What's Cooking, Judy!), Eugene Robinson (syndicated columnist for the Washington Post who, I believe Elaine noted while subbing for Rebecca, now is in almost thirty papers across the nation) and Byron York (Irrational Review, er National) sit around the table with Tim Russert trying hard to get a word in. (Hint, toss him a compliment, he'll let you talk at length as he tries not to look modest).

They'll also have Vice Admiral Thad Allen who apparently has the time to direct hurricane relief and to become a fixture on the chat & chews. Finally, Meet the Press is really excited to announce that they have the first Sunday Chat & Chew with Bill Clinton since he left the oval office!

But wait! Over at ABC's This Week, they're also thrilled to have the first interview with Bill Clinton since he left the oval office! Oh, I see. This Week has the first This Week interview with Bill Clinton s.h.l.o. Meet the Press has the first Meet the Press interview with him since . . .

Here's a question. Since Bill Clinton isn't exactly shy or the type to play Greta Garbo, exactly why has it taken either show five years to bring him on? It's not as though he didn't have a best selling book. It's not as though he has vanished since leaving the White House. What they're trumpeting as an accomplishment strikes me as an oversight on their part.

After five years of avoiding the ringing phone, Tim and George now both want to fight over Clinton. Ladies, ladies . . .

Also on ABC's This Week, Caroline Kennedy will review some of her family's favorite poems. Which is the shiny thing that gets you to move closer before the grizzlies that are the George Will, Sam Donaldson and Cokie Roberts surround you screaming, "I've got a point!" and "People are saying!" If you can't laugh at the ancient creeky roundtable (I think they're missing a leg) avoid This Week . . . this week.

CBS' Face The Nation, or as it prefers these days, "Face," lets us down. They go with Thad Allen as well. Who is directing the hurricane relief efforts while Thad is chatting and chewing! Karl Rove?

Here's the line up for "Face:"

CBS Evening News Anchor Bob Schieffer
The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina; Supreme Court Nomination; Iraq
Vice Admiral Thad Allen
Director, Hurricane Katrina Relief Operations
Sen. Arlen Specter
Republican - Pennsylvania
Chairman, Judiciary Committee
Sen. Patrick Leahy
Democrat - Vermont
Ranking member, Judiciary
Sen. Barack Obama
Democrat - Illinois
Lara Logan
CBS News Correspondent
Carin Pratt is the Executive Producer of Face the Nation.

If I had to watch? I'd say This Week just because I wouldn't feel guilty about the suffering of the Katrina survivors as I watched Thad chat & chew it on two networks; however, fear may trump guilt here since I doubt I could keep my breakfast down and watch George Will, Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson reteam to shoot a remake of The Sunshine Boys.

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