Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta's brother Tony is the top US lobbyist for Saudi Arabia

Jill Stein is running for president on the Green Party ticket.

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    Your for the Green Party can unleash $10 million in federal matching funds. Build a party for the 99 percent.
  2. The 2-party system is a disease & US politics is getting sicker. The cure: .
  3. I want to help the Greens get 5%+ so my little niece & nephew can grow up in a real democracy!
  4. 57% of US say the 2-party system has failed. It's time for the independent majority to stand up & claim our democracy.
  5. When apologists for the 2-party problem try to bully you, don't let their hate stop you from being part of the solution.
  6. All movements are connected. Find out why and pledge to :
  7. If Dem elites cared about stopping Trump, why sabotage a candidate who'd beat him easily? Is their own power & privilege more important?
  8. My running mate, , spoke with Baltimore residents about what the Green Party offers the Black community.
  9. Why does the US give $10M a day to Israel for a military occupation in violation of international law?
  10. Illinois, North Dakota, Tennessee + Texas: Vote Green on Election Day to build a party for the 99 percent.
  11. Reminder: promoting Trump was the Democrats' strategy all along. Now they're desperately trying to blame anyone but themselves.
  12. Just because I hold Clinton accountable doesn't mean I have "endorsed" Trump. They're both terrible candidates.
  13. 5 Ways a Maryland Green Vote Wins no Matter What
  14. Sexual predator or economic predator, if we don’t stand up for principles we'll all get consumed by the two-party trap.
  15. Cutting one faulty weapons program, the F-35, would pay for education for all students in US colleges for 23 years.
  16. Like what you see? Use these photos on your social media accounts to show your Green Party pride!

  17. Partisan operatives are claiming that we endorsed Trump. This is a desperate lie - don't let them deceive you.

  18. Trump claims to be for the little guy, but he has a record of ripping off workers he owes money to.
  19. Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta's brother Tony is the top US lobbyist for Saudi Arabia.
  20. Leaks revealed the Democrats appointed big donors to positions at State, FCC, Atty General's office and Homeland Security.
  21. Miss the first part of the vs. Gary Johnson​ on ? Hear candidates talk about real issues:
  22. Awesome rapper sheds light on the human rights violation of .
  23. The defense industry, also known as the military-industrial complex, has given $9.8M to Dems & $15.8M to GOPers this year.
  24. Why are you voting Green this year? Learn how to avoid the "spoiler" effect by voting in our poll:
  25. Big Pharma & Wall St have given Clinton millions. Could it explain her hostility to ?
  26. Latinas earn 56% less than other women thanks to the Trumpismo economics pushed by & .
  27. Finally: All four vice presidential candidates will debate in North Carolina. RSVP:
  28. We just got our first report of voter suppression: a poll worker falsely told a voter they couldn't write in Jill Stein.
  29. After all the outrageous behavior we've been told to accept this election year, can we make America think again?

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