Tuesday, September 26, 2017

E-mails, the Trumps' and Hillary's

When in doubt, go with Cher.


Martha and Shirley told me there were 52 e-mails so far about White House e-mails.

Is Jared the son-in-law?

I really don't care to know the family.

The 52 e-mails insist that I slammed Hillary for her e-mails (I did) but haven't said a word about Jared or whomever.

I didn't slam Hillary for using a private e-mail.

If I'd slammed her, I would have had to have slammed Janet Napolitano.

She's the first one I knew of.  And not through the press -- have they ever reported this? -- but from two friends in the Senate (both Democrats and both outraged that the Homeland Security Secretary was using a private e-mail for government business).

After that, the press did report on Lois Lerner's use of a private e-mail.

No one in government should be allowed to use a private e-mail, my opinion.

It's dishonest.

Hillary did it.

I think it's dishonest.

I didn't write "Lock her up!" or say she needed to go to jail for that.

The issue with Hillary -- who deliberately used a private e-mail address to avoid openness -- was that she lied repeatedly.

Everything she said was a lie -- from the first excuse of she only carried one device.

Oops! Months later we find out that's a lie.

And that's how it all worked.

She did send classified e-mails on her private server -- wrong.

She did delete e-mails that later turned out not to be yoga visits and cat photos to her daughter.

There was lie upon lie.

Does she belong in prison?

I don't know.  I don't think the FBI knew either.

But what she did , her words and actions, deserved to be called out.

If you believe in democracy, if you believe responsible and open government, if you support sunshine laws, what she did is appalling.

Jared or whomever using a private account?

No one should use one.

Let's pass a law that everyone in government has to use their government assigned e-mail -- in their name -- while doing government business.

Until that happens, Jared or anyone using a private e-mail address isn't breaking the law.

They're not even breaking the spirit of the law because they can claim they were going to be sure to preserve those e-mails in some form for the national archives.

But if they're caught with e-mails on private e-mail accounts that they did not turn over while claiming they had?

They should be prosecuted, my opinion.

Again, I fully favor legislation to end this nonsense of government employees and officials using dummy accounts.  But until that law passes, it's not against the law to do what Jared or whomever is said to have done presently.

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