Sunday, September 24, 2017

Liberation now apparently equals death

What is the point of the Iraq War?

Of the never-ending Iraq War?

Supposedly, it was about saving lives.

But Jeff Farrell (INDEPENDENT) reports:

A British general in Iraq has said the deaths of innocent people caught up in coalition air strikes against Isis are the “price you pay” for defeating the extremists.
More than 5,000 civilians have been killed in attacks by the US-led mission against militant strongholds in Iraq and Syria, independent figures suggest. Officials put the number at about 700.

Major-General Rupert Jones said it was impossible to target the “evil” extremists, who are holed up in densely packed cities, without collateral impacts that included the loss of women and children.

Mark Hookham reports on the same story for THE TIMES OF LONDON.

They'll be liberated via death?

By killing them, the coalition is saving them?

If you never before grasped that the Iraq War was going in circles and should be ended, you should grasp it now.

In other news:

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Polls have opened in Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan to vote on independence, despite strong opposition from the government in Baghdad

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