Sunday, May 12, 2019

Some Tweets from Bernie Sanders

  • Our disastrous trade agreements are written by corporate CEOs to benefit corporate CEOs. In the White House we will be supportive of American workers, unlike Trump.

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    Shooting human beings is no laughing matter. The President is encouraging and inciting violence against vulnerable human beings who are seeking refugee. We cannot allow these ideas to enter public discourse and be normalized, we must condemn this behavior.
  • Only four large companies control: -82% of the beef packing industry -85% of soybean processing -63% of pork packing -53% of chicken processing Monopolization of agriculture is unfair to food producers, consumers and the environment. We're going to change that.
  • Did you know that from 1911-1967, Americans could bank at their local post office? At one point our postal banks serviced 4 million customers. We must ensure all Americans can access basic financial services by allowing every post office to offer basic banking services again.
  • As the son of an immigrant, I am appalled that Donald Trump laughed about shooting immigrants. The rise of domestic terrorism and white supremacy is being fueled by this racist president. We all must stand together against displays of hate and take action to combat this threat.
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    In Michigan, it's 390% on a 14-day $100 loan. Get 'em &
  • Average annual interest rates on payday loans: Delaware: 521% Idaho: 652% Nevada: 652% Texas: 661% Utah: 652% Wisconsin: 574% It's time to end exploitative lending that keeps Americans trapped in debt. We will cap interest rates on consumer loans and credit cards at 15%.
  • Throughout my life, I have always believed that we need a mass movement of people over many years to bring about the change that we need. That is what this political revolution is about—returning power to the people, where it belongs.
  • There is no “middle ground” when it comes to climate policy. If we don't commit to fully transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels, we will doom future generations. Fighting climate change must be our priority, whether fossil fuel billionaires like it or not.
  • Without a strong, dedicated nursing workforce, no hospital can provide the quality care patients deserve. This and every week, we say to our nurses: Thank you for the difficult and important work you do, and we are with you.
  • Nurses and staff at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo should not be working 20-hour shifts without decent health insurance, while the CEO of Mercy Health makes $1.7 million. nurses and staff in Toledo deserve fair pay, health care and work schedules.
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    One of the single most amazing videos I’ve ever seen of any political leader in my life. This speech that gave in 1990 could have been cut and pasted from his speeches today. No politician in America has been this consistently for US.
  • Republicans' efforts to control women's bodies must end! We can defeat this unconstitutional attempt to ban abortion in Alabama, but we need to act now. Call your Alabama State Senator to stop this attack on abortion rights:
  • It's been 219 days since Amazon committed to a $15 minimum wage. When will finally do the same, and guarantee a living wage of $15 an hour to all its workers?
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    “I am sure it will be criticized,” Sanders said of the legislation. “I have a radical idea, maybe Congress should stand up for ordinary people.”