Sunday, May 12, 2019

Some Tweets from Amy Klobuchar

  1. Disaster relief is a humanitarian issue, not a wedge issue, no matter what the president says. Thank you Gov. for meeting with me to discuss how we can work together to rebuild disaster-affected areas in Puerto Rico.
  2. In Puerto Rico. The date on this whiteboard is Sept. 15th 2017, just days before Hurricane Maria struck. This school, Escuela Juan Antonio Corretjer, remains closed. It is a tragic reminder that as disaster relief is held up, we are failing our children, our fellow U.S. citizens.
  3. En PR. La fecha en esta pizarra es 15 de sept. de 2017, días después de que azotara Irma y días antes de María. La Escuela Juan Antonio Corretjer, sigue cerrada, como un recordatorio trágico que la ayuda no ha llegado. Le estamos fallando a nuestra niñez y a nuestros compatriotas
  4. It’s simple: Americans want leadership that brings people together. I’m visiting with leaders in Puerto Rico today to listen to their needs, and find ways to help.
  5. I also got to peek into the boiler room — so it feels like a good time to plug that I have a plan to invest in the next generation of leaders by improving school infrastructure! Read more about it here:
  6. And many thanks to Samantha Rosado-Ciriello, , , William Shaggura and Dr. Robert Vicuña for showing me around today
  7. It's hard not to be hopeful after spending a day with bright young students like those at . And it's even harder not to be inspired by the incredible work our teachers do. Thank you to and for an unforgettable day.
  8. Addiction and mental health issues can affect any family — including mine. That's why I put out a plan to tackle this head on and get people the treatment they need.
  9. Paid family leave is just common sense — it helps working families and our economy. Gov. Sununu's veto of SB1 hurts Granite Staters. As president, I'd make ensuring paid family leave a priority
  10. The law Gov. Kemp signed in Georgia bans women from making their own health care decisions. It literally makes them criminals if they leave the state to seek the care they need. Health care decisions should be between patients and doctors. End of story.
  11. Congrats to Minnesota’s Ann Kim of on her prestigious James Beard Award!
  12. The needs to come to the table to negotiate. Its workers are fighting for better benefits, better compensation, job security and dignity in the workplace. I stand with and support their right to organize.
  13. Please, take a minute and listen to Janice Weiner. Her powerful story about her daughter’s battle with substance use highlights why it's so important to combat addiction and prioritize mental health care.
  14. Veterans’ wounds aren’t always visible. Access to mental health care is so important, and we need to make it a priority in this country.
  15. Last night I had noted that doing the FOX town hall was a little bit like being a Vikings fan walking onto Lambeau Field, but I've always said you can't just go where it's comfortable. I want to move this country forward for all Americans.