Sunday, May 12, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

  1. A spate of state abortion bills appearing around the country are intended to overturn Roe v.Wade and intimidate women. Note to courts: American women cannot and will not be intimidated. We will make our own moral choices and our own biological decisions.
  2. Given that those older than they have proven ourselves inadequate to the task of protecting their safety & furthering their good, & given that their inalienable rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness are consistently violated, I support lowering the voting age to 16
  3. We should not let issues around Mueller report, impeachment or the economy distract our attention from the dangerous saber rattling coming out of the Trump administration toward Iran and Venezuela. I will make a major statement shortly.
  4. We got to the 65,000!!!!
  5. My 2d Detroit Town Hall – Monday, 5/13 … bring your questions/concerns. Moderated by Rep Leslie Love (D-10). Detroit Unity Temple, 17505 2nd Blvd. 7PM.
  6. You bet.
  7. I strongly oppose the nomination of Patrick Shanahan. A 30yr executive at Boeing aircraft is not who should be heading the Department of Defense; someone whose background lies in corporate defense contracting is exactly who should not be running the show.
  8. My Town Hall on Criminal Justice Reform and Policing in Black, Brown and Marginalized Communities. With former Detroit Chief of Police Ralph Godbee. Saturday May 11, 10am
  9. We need to rise up.
  10. Thanks so much for the interview !
  11. This says it all: “I heard a gunshot,” said Makai Dixon, 8, a second grader who had been training for this moment, with active shooter drills and lockdowns, since he was in kindergarten. “I’d never heard it before.” Not one American should find this acceptable. Not one of us.
  12. There are things America needs to atone for, such as a streak of violence which has been part of our national character from our earliest days. Our unwillingness to look deeply at this keeps us from becoming what we are capable of becoming. Today let's atone & ask for forgiveness