Sunday, May 19, 2019

Some Tweets from Marianne Williamson

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    A U.S. Department of Peace is a major step in dismantling America’s systemically entrenched culture of violence.
  • The only way to defeat a Big Lie is with some seriously Big Truth
  • If since World War II American foreign policy had been focused more on truly championing democracy and humanitarian principles throughout the world as opposed to mainly promoting American corporate interests, we would be living now in a far less dangerous and pain-ridden world.
  • When our public policies are aligned with America’s First Principles, we do OK. When our public policies deviate from those principles, chaos ensues. But every generation needs to inscribe them on our hearts. Our 1st Principles are power; our only sure protection against tyranny
  • 2) America’s mission statement comprised of the following: All men are created equal; God gave all men inalienable rights of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness; govts are instituted among men to secure those rights & we’re govt of the people, by the people & for the people!
  • 1) America is having an identity crisis, having become untethered to the remembrance of who we are and what our purpose is. We must become purpose driven and mission driven again, in order to navigate this critical moment.
  • Health is not the absence of sickness; sickness is the absence of health. And peace is not the absence of war; war is the absence of peace. It takes just as much strategy and sophistication to wage peace as it takes strategy and sophistication to wage war, if war is necessary.
  • The key to our economic future lies in uncapping the dreams and releasing the spirit of the American people. My interview on PolitiKing:
  • It’s absurd to think the mindset which wreaked such havoc in the 20th century should be our guidance system in the 21st. The head separated from the heart, and the intellect separated from love, represent a spiritually diseased state from which humanity must heal.
  • “Not taken seriously by professional politicos” simply means not acknowledged by club members who think membership should be limited. The only thing that ultimately matters to a candidate is being taken seriously by voters.
  • The days of the tough cowboy leading us into reckless war and then being lauded for his strength are over. What must emerge now is an age of proactive peacebuilding, where we fortify the factors statistically proven to increase peace and reduce conflict.
  • Love, not economics, should be society’s bottom line. I know there are those who think it’s naïve to say the most important thing is for us to more deeply love each other. But what’s naïve is to think humanity will last another hundred years on this planet if we do not.
  • We can’t just endlessly prepare for war. We have to cultivate peace.
  • “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, well-being & dignity. It is a decision she must make for herself. When govt controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a fully adult human responsible for her own choices.” - RBG
  • “At a time when the leftward drift of the Democratic Party is regularly in the news, she is by any measure the most rigorously progressive candidate in the field of 23.”
  • My interview with 1a today. Policy, principles, and why my qualifications are as good as anyone’s.
  • I’m looking forward to my Town Hall in Washington DC on Monday, May 20, at Unity of Washington DC. Moderated by Rev Sylvia Sumter, starts at 7PM. Free and Everyone is Welcome. 1225 R Street NW Washington, DC, 20009
  • I agree with Booker & Harris: it’s time to up the fight against NRA obstruction towards common sense gun safety legislation. We MUST AND WILL have universal background checks, outlaw bump stocks & ban military assault weapons. Also why I think we should lower the voting age to 16
  • Women rise, or what we most want ain’t gonna happen.
  • Tune in to now! Looking forward to discussing our vision for the country with
  • The United States has ordered all non-emergency government employees to leave Iraq immediately, citing concerns about possible imminent threats from Iran against US forces. If you have a feeling you’ve heard this…
  • U.S. suggests possible imminent action re Iran. Viet Nam, Iraq redux. DON’T BUY IT THIS TIME! Make noise immediately. Call your Senators at 202 224 3121 to support S1039 Affirming Constitutional requirement for Congress to approve a war against Iran.