Sunday, May 19, 2019

Some Tweets from Tulsi Gabbard

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    If you share only one thing about Tulsi with your friends and family, make it this video. Over six minutes, this raw and emotional exchange encapsulates the reason she is running for president.
  • Today and every day, we honor our troops who embody what it means to put . They stand ready to put their lives on the line to ensure the safety and security of the American people. This is why they serve - For the Nation. For the People.
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    Total bs fabricated smear of Don’t buy it. She has more than 65,000 donors and they found 3 with views that fit their pre-conceived narrative. Tulsi has literally put her life on the line for our country. You may not like her views but she’s a patriot. Full stop.
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    From Hawaii to Iraq, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has served our nation bravely both at home and abroad. She continues her lifelong dedication to the American people by fighting for clean energy and green jobs.
  • The is extremely dangerous. It completely takes away the freedom of women to choose whether or not to have an abortion--even if a woman/girl is a victim of rape or incest. This law must be rejected.
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    I had an excellent conversation with presidential candidate, the great and powerful today. I really love what she had to say. Podcast is up and available everywhere right now.
  • Trump promised to get the US out of “stupid wars.” But now he and John Bolton are on the brink of launching us into a very stupid and costly war with Iran. Join me in sending a strong message to President Trump: The US must NOT go to war with Iran.
  • Trump says he doesn't want war with Iran, but that's exactly what he wants, because that's exactly what Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu, al-Qaeda, Bolton, Haley, and other NeoCons/NeoLibs want. That’s what he put first--not America.
  • Throughout history, every time the US topples a foreign country’s dictator/government, the outcome has been disastrous. Civil war/military intervention in Venezuela will wreak death & destruction to Venezuelan people, and increase tensions that threaten our national security.
  • My mom is truly amazing — a teacher, entrepreneur, wife, and mother to five children — she has inspired me throughout my life through her example of strength, patience, kindness, courage, integrity, and unconditional love. Happy
  • I’m running for president to bring to the White House a soldier’s values of service above self, honor, and integrity. I will serve the interests of the American people and our nation rather than partisan interests or those of multinational corporations or foreign governments.
  • To those in America and around the world observing Ramadan, I extend all best wishes, respect, and love.
  • The main responsibility of the president is to keep Americans safe. Trump has failed—undermining our national security by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, threatening military action, bringing us closer to war with Iran that will be far worse than war in Iraq.
  • It is critical that we understand the importance of engaging with other nuclear powers with respect and in a spirit of cooperation rather than conflict. As president I will work to end the cold war and decrease tensions that are bringing us closer to nuclear catastrophe.
  • I will put service above self, bringing the spirit of servant leadership back to Washington, to ensure our government is truly of, by and for the people. Join me in taking a stand against the powerful forces of greed and corruption.
  • On MSNBC: “I’m a soldier. I’ve served over 16 years in the Army National Guard. I know first-hand the cost of war, and that is why I’m running for president.”
  • Let’s show our appreciation to teachers as they choose to put service above self, as they teach & care for our kids. We need to pay them more & give them the tools they need to do their job. We thank them today & EVERY DAY for their service & sacrifice
  • 18 years, thousands of dead, trillions of dollars. We’re right back where we started. Our leaders have failed us. It’s time our troops in Afghanistan came home.