Sunday, August 18, 2019

Iraq and politicians

Starting with this . . .

If you, in 2019, do not realize what a stupid mistake and a quagmire the Iraq war was (and still is btw), you are a MORON. Bush was a bumbling idiot and he got us into a mess we haven’t been able to get out of even nearly 20 years later. SO STUPID

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Money, to this day, goes out the window for war but for our needs?  We're repeatedly told there is no money for our needs. 

Americans are catching on.

Despite people like Tulsi Gabbard.

"We spend $4 billion every month on a war in Afghanistan. How can we look our veterans in the eye & tell them we have no money for their healthcare? As president, I’ll work to end these wars, bring our troops home, & treat our veterans with the respect they deserve." —TeamTulsi

"Team Tulsi" means the author was someone other than Tulsi.  Doesn't matter.  Tulsi wants to divide us -- she can't help but do it, apparently.  You're either someone she'll fight for (a veteran) or someone she won't (a civilian).

Tulsi's a joke.

She also needs to explain why she supports The Drone War.  But mainly she needs to be asked why she's not screaming for Medicare For All.  Is it because she doesn't give a damn about non-veterans?

If she had her way, she'd just be President of Veterans in the United States, apparently. 

On this day, 84 years ago, FDR signed Social Security into law. It is one of the most successful programs in our country’s history and lifts more Americans out of poverty than any other. We are not going to cut Social Security—we are going to expand it.

"More Americans."  See, Bernie is running to be president of the United States.  Tulsi's apparently running to have first dance at the local VFW.

  1. I'm proud to announce our Justice and Safety for All plan to reform America’s dysfunctional criminal justice system.
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"For all."  Again, Bernie's running to represent the whole country.

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    We're running a campaign that is not only trying to defeat Trump, the most dangerous president in our modern history. We are also about transforming this country. Tune in live as I take questions from supporters in South Carolina:
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And Elizabeth Warren?

I took on giant banks, and I beat them. I took on Wall Street C.E.O.s, and I beat them. I took on a popular Republican incumbent senator, and I beat him. When we fight, we win—and I’m not afraid of a fight.

"We."  She's running to represent all Americans.

  1. When workers fight, workers win. I’m behind all the way.
  2. Thank you Aiken, South Carolina! I’m ready to fight alongside you until every family in this country has the opportunity to succeed.

"Workers."  "Every family."  Elizabeth's not playing.

Tulsi plays a lot.  Pretends she's going to take on the War Hawks but can't even call out Joe Biden in a debate and then spends days after publicly defending him.

Tulsi may or may not be on the stage next go round.  She was on the stage in July and she wasted her time. And wasted our time.