Saturday, August 24, 2019

Some Tweets from Sarah Abadllah

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    Al-Qaeda associated terror groups and ISIS never attack Israel. Ever. Israel is also known to have helped treated them with hospital care and monetary assistance in the Golan Heights. Also Israel has been providing weapons to Jihadists in Syria for years!
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    A THREAD ON 'S SUPPORT FOR JIHADIST TERRORISTS IN : Israel has been supporting both and in Syria:
  • Two Israeli drones were downed tonight in ’s southern suburbs after violating ’s airspace. Israel wasn’t content with merely bombing as people were sleeping, so it decided to terrorize Lebanese civilians in the middle of the night too.
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    This video exposing the editor for gaslighting his own newsroom has been "demonetized". So won't even let you criticize the NYTimes anymore. And all the Frogs in the pot continue to ignore rising temperatures.
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    attacks again, on another fake pretext. After attacking a few days ago . Cancer in the region.
  • Let’s be clear: Israel wants to keep in a perpetual state of war. This is why Israel acts as ISIS and Al-Qaeda’s air force and bombs every single time its terrorist proxies are losing — all while happily enjoying $10.5 million in American taxpayer money per day.
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    Israelis will never be able to help their proxies in ! We will continue our fight to clean out of all terrorism including the Israeli illegal occupation of the Golan Heights.
  • Israel is dropping bombs on in the middle of the night yet again. And this is happening not even 24 hours after the Syrian Army and its allies scored a huge victory over Israeli-backed Al-Qaeda terrorists in and . Tells you everything you need to know.
  • Week 41 of the revolt against the system. But since it’s “Europe’s savior” and NATO champion Macron doing the brutal suppressing of these protests rather than Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the international outrage is all but mute.
  • Western media is all over the protests in Hong Kong. But barely a peep about today’s marches in France, or the people celebrating in following a major defeat of Al-Qaeda, or the weekly demonstrations in , or the rallies in . Speaks volumes.
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    This cowardly Israeli occupation soldier is arresting a Palestinian child. Where was your courage when you were humiliated in south Lebanon in 2006 at the hands of a band of Lebanese volunteers?
  • Hello Mainstream Media! Why aren’t you showing us these huge anti-Macron protests happening in today?
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    If you’ve said NOTHING about the rampant brutality meted out to the over the last 40 weeks do jog-on about you hypocrites
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    A beautiful sight that CNN and BBC will never show us: Mhardeh, the largest Christian town in all of , is in full celebration mode today following the Syrian Army’s crushing defeat of Al-Qaeda terrorists in ’s Khan Sheikhoun and the northern Hama countryside.
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    Western war propaganda channels cannor bear to show celebrations, as they defeat each stage of this Washington driven dirty war.
  • People have flocked to the streets in to celebrate the liberation of their cities, towns and villages from terrorists. But don’t count on reportage from Western corporate propaganda outlets — they’ve been cheering on Al-Qaeda “rebels” nonstop for the past 8 years.
  • After destroying so many countries and killing and displacing millions of men, women and children, Obama settles in a $15 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. The “hope and change” here is really overwhelming.
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    Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein says 'Israel is a nation of murderers' loved by the far right | The Canary
  • You teamed up with Obama and NATO eight years ago to destroy , killing tens of thousands of human beings, creating a global refugee crisis, and empowering slave-selling ISIS terrorists. Where’s the honor in that?
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    The largest city in the Western Hemisphere, São Paulo, was plunged into darkness in the middle of the day due at least in part to the raging fires burning the Amazon under Bolsonaro. He's a threat to the whole planet.
  • You and your husband sent millions of children and their parents fleeing from their homes with your criminal interventions in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya, Syria, Honduras, Haiti and Yemen just to name a few.
  • Lessons in “civility” from John McCain, a war criminal who helped destroy a dozen countries and fraternized with Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, is like getting an education in women’s rights from the backwards regime of Saudi Arabia.
  • Hypocrite Alert❗ The gall of Macron lecturing anyone about democracy and the right to protest when he’s been brutally suppressing unarmed protesters with tear gas, batons and rubber bullets in the streets of for the past 40 weeks.
  • Obama was too busy dropping bombs on no less than 8 different countries then going on the Ellen Degeneres Show to dance.