Friday, August 23, 2019

Some Tweets from Sharyl Attkisson

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    $50,000.00 Whistleblower Award offered in Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI for govt. computer intrusions. Please RT won't hold those accountable for govt. spying on me, so I'm self-funding fight for justice. (Reposted due to reported Internet interruptions.)
  • Those course monitors are aggressive.
  • Seems to me one can disagree without personal attacks, profanity, hate, stereotyping an entire group, etc. If you are using those tactics, it might mean you don't have a very good argument.
  • We had the pleasure of mowing a lawn for Ms. Bell who is 94 years young. She was inside resting . Officer Sharp come over very often and checks on her & said she’s one of the sweetest lady you will ever meet . Glad we could help her out . Making a difference one lawn at a time .
  • The Big Lebowski, Kill Bill, The Game, The Matrix, No Way Out, Being John Malkovich, or Swimming with Sharks?
  • Obamas are buying a Martha's Vineyard estate from Boston Celtics owner
  • Agree or disagree?
  • The FDA says it's looking into whether those "informational" ads about vaccines that don't mention the risks or side effects-- are sidestepping health advertising laws.
  • We will never forget Brian Terry.
  • Nothing happens to them at all. Even when one sues (I've tried) and the feds are found in court to have improperly held withheld docs, there are no consequences, so they still won their goal of delay.
  • I just got some new Fast and Furious documents. Six years after they were due under FOI law.
  • Stand by. I will RT with photo since Twitter won't populate my story photos anymore automatically...
  • I just got some new Fast and Furious documents. Six years after they were due under FOI law.
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    This is one read FR isn’t a good idea.
  • (Does Clinton campaign official George Stephanopoulos still host two of ABC's biggest news programs and serve as the network's Chief Anchor and moderator of political debates? Asking for a friend.)
  • Have you checked out the online encyclopedia that's striving to become the new and improved Wikipedia? Create your own entry, or edit one, today. One of the leads on the project is former Wikipedia co-founder who left Wikipedia over its problems.
  • Musiy Rishin is a Holocaust survivor, refugee and a Section 8 tenant. Despite being 87 years old, he faces the prospect of eviction. Do people of his age and status need more protection in the Section 8 housing program?
  • “You’re In The Army Now…” Recruit Reynaldo Arroyo gets his first haircut in 15 years as he enlists as an Army infantryman. h/t
  • The has a list of the most iconic foods to try in each state. They said in Vermont it’s Apple Pie . Couldn’t find any so they said anything with Maple
  • in our new poll at : Do you support cutting $4b in unspent foreign aid? Look for the black rectangle on the right side of the home page or scroll down on the mobile site! See results of our last poll about 2020 D nominees here:
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  • That makes no sense.
  • I do think many recognize the playbook: when "they" go after you in a concerted way, and attempt to controversialize you (rather than being content with letting consumers make up their own minds), it says a lot. Epoch Times has some terrific articles and deep-dive investigations.
  • (They are propaganda outlet that publishes what Media Matters says, etc.)
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  • (On Tommy’s behalf, that’s “dude” to you.)
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  • Tommy knows better. Someone sounds worried. Stay tuned. 😉
  • I didn’t have any luck finding a lawn in Maine, so I drove around looking for one . Came across this lawn that looked like it could use some love . The home owner gave me permission to mow it. Said it meant a lot to him ! Thank you for for coming out !!!
  • Meet the great officers of Rhode Island
  • Crayons-Meet-Oreos