Sunday, August 18, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

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    Washington is failing Native communities, and it's time to fulfill our obligations to Tribal Nations. Today I’m announcing ideas to ensure that tribal sovereignty and our trust and treaty obligations are binding legal and moral principles—not just slogans.
  • When workers fight, workers win. I’m behind all the way.
  • Thank you Aiken, South Carolina! I’m ready to fight alongside you until every family in this country has the opportunity to succeed.
  • My plans aren’t just lists of policy ideas—they’re a statement of my values. Thank you to for inviting me to talk about how we can make big, structural change together.
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    “Every single one of us has the Lord inside of us & the Lord calls us to act.” - Sen.
  • The Line 3 pipeline would threaten Minnesota’s public waters, lands, and agricultural areas important to several Tribal Nations. I’m with and Minnesota organizers fighting to and protect our environment.
  • We're having these important conversations everywhere—in parks, in grocery stores, on farms and at the corner store! And now we're making sure you can organize everywhere, too. I hope you'll sign up for this training and join us on Reach!
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    Today released an extremely comprehensive plan for honoring and empowering indigenous people & tribal nations. There is no without this, and the first inhabitants of this land must be included in the process towards realizing it.
  • Wells Fargo forced Xavier to close out his accounts, yet he was still hit with over $1,000 worth of overdraft fees. It’s not right. I’ve been fighting for years to hold Wells Fargo accountable, and I’m not going to stop until they clean up their act.
  • I'm speaking live at now about the big, structural change we're fighting for. Tune in!
  • It’s an honor to fight alongside and to end gun violence.
  • With a North Country view like this, you’d move fast too.
  • We’re in this fight together—for our children, for our communities, and for our future.
  • Since an extreme Ohio law eliminating funding for went into effect, the system has struggled to keep up, putting women’s health at risk. This is what’s at stake across the country. A Warren administration will protect women’s health.
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    . went to last month to talk about the big, structural change that Elizabeth is fighting for. (And no, Chris, this video is not live!)
  • I’m proud to team up with on our new bill to uphold our responsibilities to Tribal Nations and indigenous peoples and provide them with predictable, guaranteed funding.
  • Proud to fight alongside every day.
  • We must stand united with Tribal Nations and indigenous peoples to ensure that Native voices are heard and their rights are respected. With real structural change, we can write a new story.
  • To everyone who gives me letters at town halls: Thank you! These came from the people of Nevada after our Henderson town hall. I love reading about what gets you in this fight—we’re in it together.
  • I got a lot of letters to read at our first-ever town hall in Arizona. Your stories inspire me to keep fighting. And yes, Casey: I’ll give Bailey an extra pet for you!
  • I’ve fought for a brighter future for Tribal Nations during my time in the Senate and I’m proud to work with on our new bill in Congress. And when we win the White House, I’ll be committed to achieving that future as President of the United States.
  • Right-wing courts have ruled that religious freedom laws allow corporations to deny employees birth control, but don’t protect tribes that object to dumping sewage water on sacred sites. Absurd. Congress should pass a new law protecting tribal religious interests in sacred sites.
  • When tribal concerns have conflicted with corporate profits or resource extraction, tribes lose. This has to change. When I’m president, energy projects that impact Indian Country won’t proceed without consent. That means revoking Trump’s KeystoneXL and DAPL permits.
  • In 2013, the Violence Against Women Act crucially recognized some criminal jurisdiction by Tribal Nations, and I support reauthorizing and building on it. But we need to go further and I support a full Oliphant fix.
  • Washington has refused to fully respect tribal sovereignty in criminal justice matters. This has deprived countless crime victims the opportunity to get justice. And it has fed the ongoing epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women. This must change.
  • Funding critical programs for Indian Country isn't optional. It's required to fulfill the United States’ trust and treaty obligations. So and I have teamed up on writing a bill to ensure predictable, guaranteed funding to Tribal Nations and indigenous peoples.
  • Last month, the FTC tweeted and advertised that the nearly 150 million Americans who had their data exposed in the breach were eligible for $125 each in compensation. Now they’re saying, “Just kidding!” I’m demanding answers.
  • My heart breaks for Tracy Single and her loved ones. This is an escalating crisis—and we need to treat it like one.