Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Betty's blog goes "live" Friday

My apologies because I'm sure there's not a great deal up tonight. For those wondering, Elaine's reworking the entry she wants posted (that should have posted earlier this week but we were plagued with blogger problems).

I've spent two hours this evening helping community member Betty set up her blog. The blog goes "live" (as I think Rebecca's saying) Friday, April Fool's Day.

Betty will join Folding Star (A Winding Road), Ty, Jess, Jim, Dona and Ava (The Third Estate Sunday Review) and Rebecca (Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude) as a community member who's gone on to start their own blog.

I think it's amazing that our community will have produced four blogs. If you're considering starting your own blog, please e-mail the site ( so we're all aware of it.

For those curious about starting a site, I'd recommend Micah Sifry's "Dipping a Toe Into the Blogosphere" from Yes! magazine.

Here's a brief note Betty wrote to share with the community:

I hope you'll check out my blog. It's going to be funny or try to be. It will deal with a number of issues (including colonialism). I've been attempting to get this ready for a month now. The delays would indicate that this probably won't be a daily site. Ideally, I'd love to post every day but as a working mother of young children, that might not be possible. If worse comes to worse, it will be a twice a week blog and you'll understand why when it goes up. But ideally it would be a daily blog. It's a parody site and hopefully it will make you laugh and make you think. I worked on my profile tonight and on doing some links. I think the first two sentences of my profile will probably sum up who I am and what I'm going for: "I'm a black working mother. I love to laugh and between work and raising kids, I need a good laugh." So please check out the site Friday.

As soon as the site goes "live," there will be a post advising members of that. Betty's keeping her title underwraps until then. She's worked on various try-outs and drafts over the last few weeks and I've laughed while reading each one so I'd encourage you to look for the site Friday.

The e-mail address for this site is