Sunday, March 27, 2005

Laura Flanders Show tonight -- one of the topics is Ohio

Reminder, The Laura Flanders Show is on right now. One of the topics will be Ohio:

On Sunday, an update from Ohio where Republican Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell got a dressing-down from passionate Democrats in hearings the media saw fit to ignore this week. Our senior producer was there and we'll play tape. Monty Python's TERRY JONES will join us live in studio to discuss Spamalot the Python's arrival on Broadway -- and "Terry Jones's War on the War on Terror," his latest collection of "observations and denunciations." Also with us, Nigeria's Nobel Prize-winner, WOLE SOYINKA who says we are questing for dignity in a dehumanized world. It's all coming up on the Laura Flanders show this weekend on Air America Radio. Join us.

You can listen it to on the radio or online (via real player or windows media player).