Friday, April 01, 2005

Laura Flanders speaking engagements and topics for her show Saturday

Saturday on The Laura Flanders Show on Air America (radio):

Saturday, April 2
Death and dying in America are center stage with the Pope and Terri Schiavo. We’ll talk about what we’ve learned about some people’s strange relationship with mortality and we’ll unravel the right-wing conspiracy to make the most of the Terry Schiavo case.
Conservative foundations, resuscitating Operation Rescue and the Vatican’s hidden hand all played a part. Pro-choice protester SUNSARA TAYLOR tells us how she braved the hospice barricades. Investigative journalist FRED CLARKSON describes the religious right’s organizing. Finally, extraordinary jazz singer CHERYL BENTYNE on her new CD featuring the swing and bebop music of Anita O’Day.

At, you can find a schedule of upcoming events for Laura Flanders:

New York, NY
Thursday 4/14, 6:30-8:30 pm
Conversation with Karen Finley and Ellen Willis at New York University.
Cantor Film Center. 36 East 8th Street. Room 101.

Burlington, VT

Monday 4/18, 7-9 pm
Conversation with Tariq Ali at The University of Vermont.
Ira Allen Hall.
Co-sponsored by Vermont Progressive Party and the UVM Women's Center.

Houston, TX
Tuesday 4/19, 7:30 pm
Conversation with Tariq Ali at The University of Houston.
Houston Room, Second Floor, University Center.

Austin, TX
Wednesday 4/20, 7-9 pm
Conversation with Tariq Ali at The University of Texas.
Jester Auditorium, A121, 21st & Speedway.

Durham, NC
Monday 4/25 Noon
Brown Bag Lunch.
Duke University.
Perkins Library,
Rare Books Room.
Co-sponsored by The Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History & Culture.

7 pm
The Regulator Bookshop.
720 Ninth Street. (919) 286-2700.

Boulder, CO
Monday 5/2
4 pm
Lecture at The University of Colorado, Old Main Chapel.
Followed by reception with the Women's Studies Department at the Women's Studies Cottage.

7 pm
Word is Out
Women's Bookstore. 2015 10th Street. 303 449-1415.

Tuesday 5/3
12-1 pm
Lecture at Denver University.
Co-sponsored by the Gender & Women's Studies Department. The Chamber Center.
The Garden Room.

5:30-7 pm
The Denver Woman's Press Club.
1325 Logan Street.

7:30 pm
The Mercury Cafe.
2199 California Street.
(303) 294 9258

Thursday 5/5
4 pm
Keynote address at The University of Colorado Women's Studies graduation ceremony.
Old Main Chapel.

St Louis, MO
Thursday, 5/12,
7 pm
Left Bank Books.
399 North Euclid.
(314) 367-6731

Friday, 5/13,
2 pm
The National Conference for Media Reform, panelist, "Creating the Solution."

As with other listings, make a note, mark it on a calender or bookmark this entry. If you're expecting me to remember to post a reminder, you're setting yourself up for frustration.
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And I'll note that between Amy Goodman's Un-Embed the Media tour, The Nation going to New Jersey, Dahr Jamail and Laura Flanders, a lot of areas are being covered. Hopefully something is coming to or near your community. (If you're in the United States. My apologies to our international members. But if you know of events in your area that you would like highlighted, please e-mail the site and we'll get it up. Our international members and our third party members often suffer from my focus on domestic -- United States -- and on the Democratic Party. I apologize for that and encourage you to keep me on my toes -- and to keep me honest.)