Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thomas Friedman is a great man -- Betty's blog goes live

Okay, calm down, chill. You've read the title and thought I'd gone beyond "in fairness." (Yazz may be freaking out. If she's seeing this in the morning, Gina's just spit out her coffee.)

No, I don't think Thomas Friedman is a great man. Neither does community member Betty.
But that's the name of her web site: Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man. It's a humor site. "A parody" as she notes on her site.

So please check it out and check out Rebecca's interview with Betty over at Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude. The plan (which could change) is for The Third Estate Sunday Review
to conduct a longer interview with Betty this weekend for this coming Sunday's edition at their site.

While we're mentioning The Third Estate Sunday Review, let me note their editorial from this past Sunday "There Must Have Been Nothing Else Going On In The World."

And while we're noting community members doing blogs, let's note A Winding Road. Today Folding Star has a post on Fred Korematsu:

A Civil Rights hero passed away yesterday in California. Fred Korematsu's name is not as commonly known as some other heroes in the American civil rights movement, but it should be.
Korematsu was an American citizen of Japanese ancestry who stood up for what was right in 1942 against overwhelming opposition. That year, one of the most vile affronts to civil rights occurred when the United States ordered all of the Japanese who were living on the West Coast into interment camps, regardless of American citizenship.
While Korematsu's family and friends prepared to follow orders and urged him to do the same, he said no. Korematsu knew what so many others knew, but were forcing themselves to overlook in a time of war, which was that this was a grievous violation of his constitutional rights.

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