Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gina notes Stephanie Tubbs-Jones for Women's History Month

Gina: It's becoming obvious that if we don't talk about Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, there's just going to be a lot of silence because the mainstream media has flat out ignored her. So let's talk Stephanie Tubbs-Jones.

She's a widow. Her husband of 27 years was Mervyn L. Jones, Sr. She's a mother. Her son is Mervyn Jr.

She's educated. Case Western Reserve University is where she earned her bachelors, Fora Mather College is where she earned her degree in social work and back at Case Western Reserve University for her Juris Doctorate.

She knows the law. She was the first African-American judge on the Common Pleas bench in Ohio, a municipal court judge in Cleveland and, in Cuyahoga County, a prosecutor for the state of Ohio.

She's a member of Congress. She's the first black woman to be elected to the House from Ohio and she's had other firsts in Congress such as serving on the Ways and Means Committee, a first for an African-American woman.

All of that is basic information that can be found at her website if anyone in the media bothered to visit it or was even slightly curious about her.

She's rated 100% by Planned Parenthood and the National Farmer's Union. The US Chamber of Commerce gave her a 38% rating so you know she ain't no DLC. She's up for re-election in 2006.

Something to remember when people start hitting you up for money. Are you going to give to a spineless Democrat who's leaning right and talking about "bridges" or are you going to give to the brave woman who told Kenneth J. Blackwell to "haul butt" if he couldn't take the heat of her questioning?

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones deserves highlighting and noting for Women's History Month and for just about any other month. She's accomplished a great deal in her life and always been a fighter for the people. Ask yourself why the mainstream media doesn't care to cover her? Then remind yourself of how much the mainstream media has gotten wrong.