Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rachel Maddow's web site

There's a problem with this morning's post, two lines have run together in the posting stage.
The address for Rachel Maddow's web site is:
The e-mail address for this site is
I'll fix it this evening.
If you're not listening to Unfiltered, Chuck's already noted, "I'm saying the 'L' word, Lizz!"
Rachel: "What are they going to do cancel our show?"
Rachel's also spoken of a campus speaking appearence by Ann Coulter and noted that and audience member felt it reminded them of "Jerry Springer."
Rachel: "I just thought I would note that."
Springer will be replacing Unfiltered starting tomorrow for those not aware. Who will listen, I have no idea. You're welcome to. But I won't be listening.
If you're able to (and this posts -- in time or at all -- it's an e-mail post and we know how those go)
listen, today is Unfiltered's last show.
Rachel's making some good points re: Bill Clinton and recent "advise" he's offered. "The Clintons may think that Hillary will be the candidate but I'm telling you, it's not going to happen. Not in this country. . . . Hillary Clinton is not going to be president, and if that's what Bill Clinton's thinking . . ."
As Chuck and Rachel have both noted, on the last show, they're going for the extreme Unfiltered. If you're able to, you might want to listen.
Note, the following is being added to this post (which did hit the blog).
I won't be fixing the post I refer to because it fixed itself. For some reason it was showing as the web site for Rachel. I have no idea why. I hadn't even typed the e-mail into that post. Some sort of publishing glitch, I'll assume.
But it fixed itself after Shirley, Rod, Maria and Eli had e-mailed to alert me of the problem.
I'll also note that Unfiltered had Lizz on for their last episode. If you were a fan of the show (I was), then it was a really great send off for the show. I'm sure there are people who will listen to Jerry Springer's show but judging by the e-mails to this site today, community members won't be listening.
Chuck D will be doing a Sunday late night show. It will air after Steve Earl's (maybe not immediately after) and, according to remarks on the show, it should begin airing in a few weeks.
In addition to the website Lizz Winstead links to in the post we excerpted this morning, Chuck D information can also be found at the Official Public Enemy website.
There were 15 requests from members that we make Lizz, Rachel and Chuck's websites permanent links. I have no problem with that and unless there's a huge outpouring of e-mails from members protesting that, we'll do those links tomorrow. Links nomintated to the panel are not discussed (unless they are voted to be added by the panel) because I wouldn't want someone to be embarrassed. (Which is why there's a panel to begin with instead of announcement of "Hey, is every body okay with ____?") But judging by all the e-mails on Unfiltered today (261) I don't think this will end up leading to, "Okay, you've spoken, you don't want them." But since this is bypassing the panel, I do want to give everyone a chance to weigh in and we'll go with the feelings of the majority of those who respond. (E-mail is
Also, while I'm here, let me note that Blake Rhodes has been visiting this site the last few days and he's also asked that we make members aware of IceRocket blog search. Blake works for the company that's started this new search engine. I wasn't able to utilize it but Billie tested it and found no problems. If you use Mozzilla, you might want to try the search as well. (I say "if you use Mozzilla" because I know nothing about this search engine but I know that Mozzilla acts as a blocker for many things that might damage your computer.) I can't vouch for the search engine but we're happy to pass along information. (And Blake's being identified by first and last name because we already have a community member named Blake and this is not the same Blake. If Rhodes is ever quoted here, he'll be identified by a name he chooses himself or by his first and last name. Again, we already have a Blake.)