Monday, March 21, 2005

Lindsey tells us about Kent Conrad's energy summit

Lindsey: I'm way, way behind. Like a lot of people, I was focused on the rallies. I saw a lot of enthusiasm and spirit and a really committment on the part of the community. I saw an increase in the number of people objecting to the war. It was a great weekend and I'd kick myself if I hadn't taken part. This evening, I finally start checking my e-mails and I had one about an energy conference my Senator, Kent Conrad, was holding. It was only available to the first 150 people who signed up and I'm sure they reached that long ago because the e-mail was sent on March 18th at 7 p.m. But I did want to pass this on because maybe they'll be some media coverage or maybe there won't be.
This is from the e-mail:

Summit Goals The Energy Security Summit is designed to provide a forum for industry, government, and research entities to discuss the issues that our nation and the world are facing regarding energy dependence and the opportunities to decrease that dependency, leading to a call to action on comprehensive national energy legislation.
Topics to Be Addressed
Reducing U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil
Ensuring an Affordable and Reliable Electricity Grid
Using Agri-Based Fuels to Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption
Challenges and Opportunities Facing the U.S. Coal Sector
Policy Options to Speed Up the Move to a Hydrogen Economy
Expanding the Use of Wind Power in the United States
Sponsored by U.S. Senator Kent Conrad
Cohosted with UND Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC)

The summit started today and it continues tomorrow.

Here is information about the UND Energy & Environmental Research Center. I did a search on it because I'd never heard of it. I still don't know much and they may not be a "good guy." I'm just tossing this out for the community. Here's some of what I learned at their about section online:

What Does the EERC Do?
The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) is a research, development, demonstration, and commercialization facility at the University of North Dakota (UND) recognized internationally for its expertise in cleaner, more efficient energy technologies. The EERC is dedicated to moving promising technologies out of the laboratory and into the marketplace to produce energy cleanly and efficiently, minimizing environmental impacts and conserving precious natural resources.
Because the commercialization of innovative technologies is essential to job creation, new wealth, and economic prosperity, it is the key to the EERC's future, as well as the future economic development in the Upper Midwest region and beyond.

Recognizing the vital need worldwide for innovative environmental technologies to protect and clean our air, water, and soil, the EERC provides practical, cost-effective solutions to today's most critical environmental problems.

The EERC practices a philosophy that emphasizes true working partnerships between industry, government, and the research community. Our mission is to improve the global quality of life through visionary multidisciplinary research and development leading to the demonstration and commercialization of innovative energy and environmental technologies. The EERC accomplishes this mission by:

Being cognizant of the interconnected nature of the environment and energy.

Being focused, practical, and sensitive to the marketplace.

Being international in scope.

Being committed not only to research and development, but also to demonstration and commercialization of innovative technologies.

Fostering cooperation among industry, government, and the research community.

Providing opportunities for economic development and job creation.

Providing fundamental and applied research and training opportunities for highly motivated students and professionals at all levels.

[Note: I don't know anything about the college organization either. If anyone knows anything else and wants to weigh in, the e-mail address is]