Monday, March 21, 2005

Why are you at the protest? "Why ain't the media?"

Kendrick, 22: "Got a better question for you, why ain't the media here? You see any TV cameras? Somebody counting on getting reality from their TV screens is going to be in for a shock because they don't even know this thing is going down. They don't know that people are sick and have had enough. They don't know that this movement is growing and growing. TV's keeping them safe and ignorant and it's going to be a shock for them when they suddenly realize that their neighbor next door is against this illegal occupation and so's the guy on the on the other side of them, and the lady down the street. The movement is growing and growing and if you're sitting at home watching your TV for the truth you got a nasty shock coming down your way."

That's from The Third Estate Sunday Review article 'At the rallies, we ask, "Why Are You Here?"' Have you read that yet? [Disclosure, I helped with that article.]