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Albany, NY: Tuesday April 19th, Earth Day events

Robby also notes this, also by Mark at Hudson Mohawk Indy Media:

The unvieling of the "Bottles" will be a highlight of the annual Earth Day Lobby Day at the Capitol on Tues. April 19th. Inspired by the recent Cristo gates at Central Park, the Capitol will be circled with bottles. Please join at 11:45 AM to assist. The Lobby Day starts at 10 AM. Issues include climate change, the Bigger Better Bottle bill, wetlands protections, burn barrells, and preserving open space. In one second we use 80 throwaway, non-deposit bottles in NYS. In 30 seconds, we use 2400 throwaway non-deposit bottles. This is how many we will use to encircle the capital.

There will be a "Bottles" event that the local greens are helping to organize at 11:45 AM, trying to circle the Capitol with bottles in support of the Big Better Bottle Bill.

In just one week hundreds of the state's most concerned environmentalists will gather at the Capitol in Albany for Earth Day Lobby Day. Make your plans to join us now. Be part of the fun and help protect New York's environment at the same time.

Join citizen activists, students and local, state and national environmental groups for Earth Day Lobby Day 2005 on Tuesday, April 19th in Albany. Hear from leading environmental and government leaders, and lobby for important environmental issues in New York State, including smart growth, clean energy, the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, wetlands protection and a ban on backyard burning.
April 19th,
(Registration opens at9:30AM)
Hearing Room B,
Legislative Office Building,
Cost: $5 (free for students and those on a limited income)
For more information or to register, visit:, or contact LauraDiBetta at 518-462-5526 ext. 221, or edld (at)

Sprawl: The Community Preservation Act allows towns to voluntarily plan for the future while providing them with the resources they need to purchase land for walking or biking trails, parks and wilderness. It can help working family farms stay in business, protect wetlands that keep drinking water clean, and preserve a town’s special places. Support A.6450 DiNapoli/S.3153 Marcellino.
Anti-Indian Point leader Lisa Rainwater van Suntum speaking at the Earth Day Lobby Day rally.
Wetlands Protection: New York’s wetlands are vital for clean drinking water, flood prevention, and wildlife habitat. However, due to changes in federal jurisdiction from a 2001 Supreme Court decision and subsequent interpretations by the Bush Administration, the federal government has significantly cut back its wetlands regulation program.
Since NYS law only applies to wetlands 12.4 acres or larger, many of the state’s isolated wetlands are left unprotected.
Support legislation, A.2048 DiNapoli/S.2081 Marcellino, giving New York authority to regulate wetlands one acre or larger.
The state should establish permit application fees to help pay for increased wetlands protections. (Expanded the Bottle Bill: The Returnable Container Act – the Bottle Bill – is New York’s most successful recycling and litter prevention program. Since 1983, more than 75 billion bottles and cans bearing a 5-cent deposit have been returned and recycled. Now it’s time to expand the program to include noncarbonated drinks, like bottled water, iced tea, juice and sports drinks that make up more than 20% of New York’s beverage market.
Support the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, A.2517-a DiNapoli/S.1290-a LaValle. (Read full memo)

Clean Energy & Global Warming:
New York must take bold action to free itself from its dependence on coal, oil and other harmful fossil fuels and to fight global warming. One of the most important steps would be to cap carbon pollution from in-state power plants.
Support legislation, A.4459 DiNapoli/S.2703 Marcellino, requiring the state to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants at least 25% from 1990 levels by January 1, 2008.

Ban Backyard Burning:
Open burning of household trash -- mostly through the use of backyard burn barrels -- has
been banned in New York, except in municipalities of less than 20,000. Still, backyard burning
is by far the largest
Participants of the Tour de Burn Barrel, a 200-mile bike ride to bring attention to the backyard burning of waste, finish their trip at Earth Day Lobby Day.
Burn barrels are a major source of dioxin emissions in the state.
Burn barrels also release large quantities of heavy metals, acid gases, and other toxic chemicals that not only endanger public health, but also contaminate food supplies, especially meat and dairy products.
Support legislation, A.3073Koon/Maziarz, that would ban burn barrels statewide.
EDLD 2005 Cosponsors: Alliance for Democracy; Arbor HillEnvironmental Justice, Corp.; Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition;Citizens Campaign for the Environment; Citizens' EnvironmentalCoalition; Citizens for a Clean Environment; Delaware-OtsegoAudubon Society; Earth Day NY; Environmental Advocates of NY;Hudson River Sloop Clearwater; Long Island Neighborhood Network;Long Island Pine Barrens Society; National Wildlife Federation;Natural Resources Defense Council; NY Public Interest ResearchGroup; North Shore Land Alliance; Orange County Land Trust;PEF/EnCon; Putnam Valley Residence Coalition; Renewable EnergyLong Island; Riverkeeper; Rockland County ConservationAssociation; Scenic Hudson; Sierra Club - Atlantic Chapter;SPOC, Inc.; Sustainable South Bronx; Vision Long Island; W.Haywood Burns Environmental Education Center; WESPAC Foundation;Westchester Land Trust
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Thanks Robby for highlighting that. I think that even if you're nowhere in the Albany area, it provides you with issues to think about.

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