Friday, April 15, 2005

Two apologies

I have two apologies.

First, I'm sorry, I thought I was lying down for a nap and instead slept for hours. (And hours.)
I'll highlight The Daily Howler and some other things tonight before officially going to bed.

Second, Eli notes that thanks to this morning's entry, he's had "When Love Goes Wrong" in his head all day. Me too. A stray thought ended up reappearing throughout the day as I hummed or sang, "When Judy goes scoop, nothing goes right." I think they should use that for all of her (Judith Miller's) personal appearences and anytime she's on the NewsHour or any other show willing to book her.

It was a stray thought this morning, "When Loves Goes Wrong," as I hurried around trying to do several things at once and get out the front door. But if you know the song, you know it's a very melodic one. As Eli points out, "There are far worse songs that could get stuck in my head." Agreed.

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[Note: "When Loves Goes Wrong" was written by Harold Adamson and Hoagy Carmichael.]