Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Rachel Maddow Show starts Thursday, April 14th, 5 am to 6 am (eastern standard time)

From Rachel Maddow's web site (and it's an announcement, so we're printing it in full to get the word out):

The Rachel Maddow Show launches nationally on the Air America Radio Network Thursday, April 14th, 2005
Every weekday morning 5AM-6AM (Eastern), tune in for a fast-paced, well-informed, provocative take on the headlines, what ought to be in the headlines, the right-wing agenda, sports (or at least Rachel's latest evidence for why the Yankees are the real evil empire), plus a look ahead at the day's developing stories.
Also launching April 14th: Won't be up at 5:am? Go to and stream or download the current edition of The Rachel Maddow Show - and read Rachel's daily newsblog.
Tune in live on Air America Radio affiliates coast-to-coast, on Sirius and XM satellite radio, and worldwide online at The Rachel Maddow Show is the smartest newshour in radio.
Click here for a list of
Air America Radio affiliate stations.
Air America Radio
Sirius Satellite Radio
XM Satellite Radio

From a non-private e-mail that Trina fowarded (this e-mail was sent to all who signed up for announcements at Maddow's site):

The Rachel Maddow Show will be a solid information-packed, fast-paced newshour with an ambitious mission: by the time you’ve heard each hour-long show, you’ll have a well-informed, progressive perspective on what mainstream media drones will be talking about that day, plus the most important stories the mainstream media wants you to ignore.
We’ll throw in a peek at the right-wing’s daily talking points, sports headlines (particularly when they help justify my theory that the Yankees are the real evil empire), and a look at the developing stories of the day ahead, so you are fully equipped to do battle at the water cooler.
All that, plus the award-winning satirical newscasts of Air America favorite Kent Jones!
The other big announcement is that, the new website for The Rachel Maddow Show, will also host my daily newsblog, where I’ll expand on the stories from that day’s show, write about the day’s developing news, and give you a heads up on what we’re looking at for the next day’s show.
Plus I’ll gossip shamelessly about Air America and the punditocracy.
As you know, we had originally planned to launch Monday April 11th or Monday April 18th, but we then realized that a mid-week start would give me and the plucky TRMS staff a chance to recover over the weekend after two days of on-air loopyness while we adjust to our new lives of sleep deprivation.
The Executive Producer of The Rachel Maddow Show is Jonathan Larsen, the big cheese at Air America’s "Morning Sedition." Vanessa Peel, Julia Lipkins and Kris LoPresto, all of Air America’s "Unfiltered" round out the very able staff. These four are a dream team for me, and I intend to bribe them mightily and often to keep them happy despite their new hours.
On a personal level, I’m actually looking forward to the destruction of my circadian rhythms, if only because I’ve always wanted one of those little metal “day sleeper” signs for my front door. If you’re not an early-riser, fear not. By launch day you should be able to stream or download the entire current edition of The Rachel Maddow Show at
And by “download,” yes, technically, that means you can podcast it. Expect a few technical glitches while we get set up, but the plan is for you to be able to listen to The Rachel Maddow Show at any time of day.
If you want to be able to listen on the traditional radio machine, the good news is that most Air America affiliates are looking forward to carrying the new show.
You can help out by contacting your local affiliate (the list is here to ask them to please consider carrying it.

I will attempt to remember to provide a heads up to Maddow's show Wednesday but members know how prone I am to forget. So mark your own calenders (and feel free to remind me Wednesday to do a heads up).

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