Sunday, April 10, 2005

BuzzFlash calls attention to NPR, Lizz Winstead, Bernie Sanders: "Orwell is Alive," Greg Palast & Ellen Willis on The Laura Flanders Show tonight

Ruth e-mailed to note a link she saw on BuzzFlash ("NPR Calls Bush's Social Security Strategy 'Effective' What Are They Smoking?")

Ruth: I am hoping that this is a sign that NPR's free pass is being cancelled.

I hate to dash spirits at the start of a week, but BuzzFlash has always been willing to highlight bias on NPR. FAIR is another organization that has not shied away from the truth about NPR.
But I do agree with Ruth that it's great BuzzFlash is calling attention (again) on NPR. We'll touch on this in the next entry (the long promised Ring of Fire thing). Also at BuzzFlash, you'll find a link to Lizz Winstead's contributions to a New York Times article in the Week in Review section. (An article Betty also mentioned.)

We'll note Congressman Bernie Sanders' "ORWELL IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION." Here's an excerpt:

Yesterday, as a member of the Financial Services Committee, Congressman Bernie Sanders heard testimony from Secretary of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez and from HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson. The hearing primarily focused on the Bush Administration’s proposal to slash federal investments in our nation's towns, cities, and states --which is not surprising from an Administration that is attempting to dismantle almost every federal program for low and moderate income Americans.
What Congressman Sanders did find surprising was the Orwellian nature of the testimony from Secretary Gutierrez and the shameless degree to which the Bush Administration is prepared to turn truth on its head. In his prepared opening remarks, Secretary Gutierrez stated that America is experiencing "tremendous economic prosperity." Really? What America is Secretary Gutierrez living in?
Has the Secretary visited with any of the 21.9% of children in America who are living in poverty? Or did he mix us up with Denmark where virtually 100% of children live poverty-free lives.
Has the Secretary visited with any of the 4 million Americans that have entered the poverty ranks since President Bush was first elected, or is he only attending cocktail parties at country clubs with the rich and famous?

In less than an hour The Laura Flanders Show starts. (Ring of Fire is on right now.) Her guests and topics tonight:

Sunday, April 10
Is April the cruelest month? If you’re a Republican, you might think your party was breaking apart, starting from the top. If you’re on the left, you might wonder why the opposition isn’t making more of this moment. Today we go outside the box to get out of the political boxing ring.
We start with
ELLEN WILLIS author of, “Don’t Think: Smile!” and Director of NYU Journalism School’s Cultural Reporting and Criticism program. She and Laura talk about the “Bush Women” and how the right’s hijacking the work of the Feminist movement. Then AMIRA HASS, the pioneering Israeli journalist and author of “Drinking the Sea at Gaza: Days and Nights in a Land Under Siege” and “Reporting from Ramallah: An Israeli Journalist in an Occupied Land.” Plus GREG PALAST, investigative journalist and author of the New York Times bestseller, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and MARK LEVINE, host of “The Inside Scoop,” on WAGE AM-1200, on the latest news. And ELAINE PETROCELLI, owner of San Francisco’s Book Passage bookstore, on what’s flying off the shelf.

And let me throw this in. Last night on The Laura Flanders Show, Flanders read an article from Reuters about the reaction during the Pope's burial when Bully Boy's face was flashed on screen. Flanders reads and speaks German, which is a good thing, because, as she noted, the article hadn't been translated into English and carried in the United States. Here was one sentence she translated:

As the crowd saw the big picture of Bush on the screen, they greeted Bush with jeers and wolf whistles.

You didn't hear that on network television and I doubt you heard it in many places on the radio dial. You'll always learn something no one else is discussing when you listen to The Laura Flanders Show.

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