Friday, April 15, 2005

Sunday Chat & Chews

We'll start off by noting, yet again, that at the "about" page for Meet the Press, Gloria Steinem continues to be listed as "Gloria Steiner." It's Steinem. The continued refusal to fix this problem when you are aware of it is beginning to look like something more than sloppiness.

For anyone who wants to weigh in but is sick of the online form, the address for Meet the Press is and maybe continued pressure will make them correct their typo which has been allowed to stand for two years now? Three? Longer?

Here's the paragraph in question:

Since those beginning days, "Meet the Press" has interviewed First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Laura Bush appeared on "Meet the Press" the first three years of her husband’s presidency. Other notable women appearing as guests over the years on "Meet the Press" include: Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm, Jane Fonda, Phyllis Schlafly, Geraldine Ferraro, Gloria Steiner, Elizabeth Dole, Madeleine Albright, Tipper Gore, Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Shirley Temple Black and Caroline Kennedy.

Let's start with Blinky & CBS's Face the Nation (check your local listings if you're interested in watching this Sunday progam):

CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer
Majority Leader Tom DeLay's Ethics Issues
Role Of The Filibuster In The Senate
Rep. David Dreier
Chairman, Rules Committee
Republican - California
Rep. Charles Rangel
Ranking Member, Ways And Means Committee
Democrat - New York
Jan Crawford Greenburg
Legal Correspondent
The Chicago Tribune

I'll assume Jan Crawford will address the "role of the filibuster in the Senate" since the other guests are House Representatives.

So Dreier's going to speak ethics? That's pretty interesting. Will Blinky ask him about the shared home and whom Drier shares it with? (This is public record, I'm not breaking any news here.) (And note, the suggestions of an ethical issue do not have to do with the sexual orientation, just that alleged orientation being in conflict with the rep's stance on issues and the fact that the roommate works for Drier.)

Moving on to the second train wreck (at least Blinky doesn't let Face the Nation pander to junk news), we'll note ABC's This Week:

Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., former majority leader
Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., member of the Judiciary Committee
Maria Shriver, first lady of California and author of "And One More Thing Before You Go"
Students from Georgetown University and Catholic University

Then, dissecting the week's political news: our classic roundtable, George Will, Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson.

If by classic, they mean stale and out of date, they're on the money. Again, if you're going to play the Blinky drinking game during Face the Nation (down a shot each time he blinks), have plenty of alcohol on hand. I guess for This Week, you could take a shot everytime Cokes or Sammy tells George Will, "You're right" (in any variation on the line). Or you could wager with your friends as to whether Cokes will wear the classic pearls or those trashy metalic ones that make her look like Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons? But you can't play clutch-the-pearls journalism (or "journalism") without a set of pearls, so rest assured she'll be wearing them.

Over at NBC's Meet the Press (all shows air Sundays, check your local listings for the time):

REP. ROY BLUNT (R - Missouri)
House Majority Whip
REP. BARNEY FRANK (D - Massachusetts)
New York Times
NBC News

Dexter Filkins and Cokie Roberts on TV the same Sunday? Why do broadcasters hate

Remember, if you're not watching Meet the Press, you're living your life.

Will Dexy pulls his gun on Russert? Doubtful. Will he cross the line between reporter and cheerleader? (Doesn't that one seem like a trick question?)

Will the world go on if you miss the inside the beltway gossip?

Yes, it will. But watch if you must. Hope this helps you pick.

Sam e-mailed asking, "If you had to watch, like you'd die if you didn't, which one would you watch? Well death can be noble but I'm guessing you mean I have to pick one. In which case I'd go with Blinky. It's a half-hour show, so it's over that much quicker. Plus, it's a Cokes and Dexy free-zone.

Oh, one more thing you can watch for if you watch Meet the Press. Is Dexy reporting or is he predicting? I have no idea if Elisabeth Bumiller's been on TV in the last twelve months or not. But she did grasp, to her credit when I've seen on her TV, that she was a reporter and stuck to facts (or her concept of facts). Watch and see if Dexy makes predictions or leaves the area of observation to editorialize.

He's not supposed to do either.

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