Monday, April 04, 2005

Bartcop: strong voice, strong site, but not work place safe in all work environments

Not work place safe in all work place settings, Bartcop has been linked to. I threw that one out to the panel. They made the decision.

Why? Because it's got sharp commentary and thoughts you might not find in other places. The panel feels it's worth linking to because it's a brave voice.

That said, it's also not work place safe. So if you go there from a work computer, you do so at your own risk. I will not continue to repeat this. It's noted here and it's noted in parenthesis next to the link.

What might be a problem? Language but also photos.

So check it out on a home computer or a library computer. If you use a work computer, it's at your own risk. You have been warned.

Because of our policy, I would not have made the decision on my own. But the panel was asked to consider it and they said "link" with two noting that a parenthesis warning should be added.
This is not a filthy site. But some work place guidelines are too strict for this site to be viewed at work.

Bartcop, as I've noted before, was one of the first sites I found online that had anything to say that made me want to return to visiting it. Bartcop, Media Whores Online (now gone), The Daily Howler and BuzzFlash got me through many desperate days when the press decided they'd rather be a pep squad for the Bully Boy.