Sunday, April 03, 2005

Ron of Why Are We Back in Iraq? & The Third Estate Sunday Review

Over at Why Are We Back In Iraq?, Ron's addressing the Times and Judith Miller by highlighting Greg Mitchell:

The New York Times tried to pull a fast one last week, luckily Greg Mitchell from Editor & Publisher didn't just toss a seemingly not-so-newsworthy section out from the Wednesday, March 30, 2005 edition of The New York Times.
Judith Miller Visits the Atomic TestingMuseum:
"Judith Miller has a WMD problem. She sees them where they don’t exist. Where they did exist she tells only half the story...This well-crafted Miller tale appeared last Wednesday in a special New York Times supplement on "Museums." Buried on page 15, it no doubt attracted far few readers than her front-page stories offering "proof" of Iraq’s nuclear and chemical weapons."
(Note: I added quotation marks to the word "proof" to highlight Judy's "well-crafted" dubiousness)
Greg Mitchell's article is a must-read, so please follow the link above (here it is again: Judy Miller: The Most Dangerous Journalist EVER), and make sure you check back for Part 2 (which I'll link to later).

I'll also note my apologies to Larry for the delay in his post going up. Though helping The Third Estate Sunday Review Saturday night did not turn into an all nighter, it was a long night and having lost the hour due to the time change, I just packed it in shortly after.

From The Third Estate Sunday Review, I'll note their parody entitled CJW Daily which is, as Candy Perfume Boy might say, "wicked" funny. Here's an excerpt:

Now we turn to The Weekly Standard and William Kristol. Why? Well obviously we need to endorse the view that Time and Newsweek and even US (it's a weekly now, praise God!) are lefty mags. Don't you know that? Where have you been? Don't you get Fox News? Don't you watch? I bet Britt Hume would wear a candy necklace. It takes a real man to wear a candy necklace. And Fox News says that the media is liberal so when we cover the mainstream media, we damn well better go from Time, Newsweek, US and People over to The Weekly Standard
or we wouldn't be just as guilty as perpetuating the lie as Fox News. Hey, they shouldn't be the only one with the press's blood on their hands! We just spit out conventional wisdom here, folks. You want deep thoughts, check out Jack Handy!
So William Kristol is writing something about something and saying something about us needing to do something. I'm too busy thinking about him getting hit in the face with a pie and besides I know that The New Republic will run the same story next week and I want it to be fresh.If I ever go around speaking to college audiences, I hope they throw candy necklaces. I always end up eating mine and sometimes my kid sister won't share her necklaces with me. It's embarrassing to go up to the counter with a candy necklace. The clerks look at me funny. So lately, I've been grabbing Pepto Bismol, Teen People & tampons and saying, with a heavy sigh, "They're for the little lady."
Wait, is it time for us to mention The Nation? We got our asses ragged out for not mentioning it for over a year. We don't like it because we've never been published there. And it's so lefty. And like Swoosie says, "No glossy cover! I wouldn't even read Glamor if it didn't have a glossy cover!" I feel the same way about Sassy.
But The Nation outsells The Weekly Standard and The New Republic. So to stop all those damn lefty radicals from e-mailing complaints -- hey, if they don't like it, they should go somewhere else, we write about what we want to write about -- we mention The Nation about once a month. For now.

Again, "wicked" funny. (Disclosure, I helped with this article, as did Betty and Rebecca.)

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