Friday, April 08, 2005

The Common Ills is posting today

The Common Ills is posting today

If you're new to The Common Ills, welcome. We've been around since November (The Common Ills).

We're a resource/review and a community.

We're here today and may be here from now on. I have no idea. We usually use the Blogger program and post via that at our original site.

But to bring you (and members who hopefully have gotten word on where we are today) up to speed, Blogger's not working.

As TCI members know, we're all doing what we can to stop the extension of aspects of the Patriot Act due to sunset. I got home very late yesterday due to working on that in the evening. As I attempted to log in repeatedly and without success to the Blogger problem, I checked the site e-mail ( only to find e-mails from Betty (who does Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man) and Rebecca (Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude). Betty has small children and not all evening to waste. After an hour, she gave up on posting. Rebecca spent two hours attempting to post before she gave up. This morning, news comes from everyone but Blogger. Ron of Why Are We Back In Iraq? advised that he can't log into Blogger, Folding Star e-mails the same thing re: A Winding Road.

As usual, when faced with a computer problem of any kind, I got on the line to community members UK Computer Gurus. Within a very short time, they determined that the problem was with Blogger and it was system wide. I used the remaineder of the evening to actually respond to e-mails (something I'm rarely able to do due to the volume of e-mail that comes in each day).

I assumed that Friday morning, Blogger would have fixed their problem and we'd begin posting there again. That's not the case this morning.

As community members know, I criticize the New York Times loudly and freely. I also note that many beliefs I operate under come via the New York Times. The Times got a paper out on September 12, 2001. Later, when New York was in blackout due to "going off the grid," they still got a paper out. There's no way I could not post with that sort of an example/challenge.

So with the help of the UK Computer Gurus, we've got this today. Whether this will be a backup site or the new home, I honestly don't know. But there are entries up today.

I've attempted to notify as many members as I could about today's entries. I apologize for any troubles/problems/what have yous this may have caused.

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is the address for this entry. Thanks again to my friend who gets these up if Blogger starts working again.]