Saturday, April 09, 2005

Heads up for The Laura Flanders Show and Ring of Fire

Marty Kaplin's So What Else Is News? is on Air America right now and always worth listening to. After he goes off, Ring of Fire comes on followed by Laura Flanders.
I intend to post on last week's Ring of Fire this weekend (and meant to last night). But last Saturday's episode was pretty amazing so you might want to make a point to check it out today.
Below are summaries from the Air America page of what's on Ring of Fire and The Laura Flanders Show today.

If you're not sure if Air America broadcasts over the airwaves in your area, you can check that page to find out. In addition, it streams over the net.

Ring of Fire
What is Big Tobacco up to these days as they watch their cigarette sales drop in this country? Mike talks with Katherine Mulvey, director of Corporate Accountability International, about the tobacco companies' latest scheme to exploit developing countries...and American children.
Bobby turns up the heat on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and his cronies, who are leaving Americans exposed to toxic mercury. Dr. Boyd Haley joins us to talk about childhood vaccinations and dental fillings, and their link to neurological problems like Alzheimer's, A.D.D. and autism. "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Join Mike and his law partner, Fred Levin, as they pay tribute to their late friend and colleague, Johnnie Cochran. [permalink]

The Laura Flanders Show
Hello? What happened to the secular state? Is America disappearing as arch-conservatives attack everything outside their view of God and country? We’ve had enough news dominated by the rabid right: Terri Schaivo's feeding tube; Tom Delay’s attacks on judges; the Pope 24-7; the Arizona ‘Minutemen’ border patrols. Who is standing up for secular society? For NOT taking the law into one’s own hands?
Saturday's report from the border includes Arizona State Representative KYRSTEN SINEMA, Arizona "Minuteman Project" co-founder CHRIS SIMCOX and Arizona ACLU Vice-President CAROLYN TROBRIDGE. We check in with "Guantanamo: Honor bound to defend Freedom," the play about U.S. abuses in the war on terrorism, and NYC singer-songwriter NORA YORK and her new CD titled, "What I Want." [permalink]

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