Monday, April 04, 2005

Linked: Iraq Coalition Casualities & our friend Luke's wotisitgood4

Our last two links (there are actually two more, but they'll go up tomorrow) for tonight are Iraq
Coalition Casualities which we've often linked to in entries. With the desire of some to beat up on the activists who've long made up the peace movement, we may be stuck over there for a long time. To remember that people are dying over there, I offer this link as a permalink. If you visit it regularly and read the New York Times, the first thing you'll note is that the Times is usually behind in their casualty totals for America dead. Also at the site you will find estimates for the Iraqi dead as well as for the casualties from Bully Boy's coalition of the not so willing. In addition, you'll find links to breaking news.

The panel picked our friend Luke from Australia as an add. I assume most of us are familiar with wotisgood4, but for anyone who's not, I'll note this entry:

* heres a 90min chomsky speech LINK
i love chomsky. is 'manufactured consent' the most beautiful phrase ever?
* novak calls rice "the most dominant secretary since Henry Kissinger" and "This willowy, vulnerable-looking woman wields measurably more power than Colin Powell, the robust general who preceded her. Officials who know her well believe she favors the escape from Iraq." LINK lol - "escape" is a choice word. arent we sposed to declare victory and leave?
* nader on the latest wmd/cia report "It is now left to Congress to fully investigate this matter. Certainly, the Commission found massive intelligence failures and overstatements by the administration, now a Congress that was cognizant of its Constitutional authority would at least initiate an impeachment inquiry with full subpoena power, testimony under oath and in public so Americans can determine whether they were merely misled into war or whether they were plunged into an illegal war on a platform on fabrications, deceptions and manipulations. Nothing short of accountability of the Presidency is at stake." LINK

Again, I'm sure we all realize that Luke is often noting things that others (including me) miss. We will continue to highlight him (and others from our permalinks on the left) but this way you'll be able to check his site (and others) whenever you want without trying to remember the name of the site or searching for the last entry we quoted him in.