Monday, April 04, 2005

Links to Lizz Winstead, Chuck D and Rachel Maddow

The now cancelled Air America radio show Unfiltered is one that a number of members will miss (including this member). As of Sunday, all e-mails arriving were in favor of of linking to the four sites: Lizz Winstead's blog; two blogs for Chuck D: Rap Station and Public Enemy and Rachel Maddow's blog (still under development).

Lizz Winstead is already posting at her blog and has a humerous post on why she left Unfiltered.
(It's a two part post.) Chuck D was, of course, in Public Enemy and that site is the official site for his group. Rap Station will provide a look at hip-hop music and we can certainly use more music here and in the world.

Cedric summed up his endorsement for linking to all four blogs by noting this:

The show was screwed over, the listeners were screwed over and the hosts were screwed over.
They gave three strong hours every day and they will be missed. I support honoring them by linking to them and, as a rap fan, I'd enjoy the Chuck links for the music alone. But over one year they created a legacy for everyone who listened to them. I saw a thing on PBS about the Mamas and the Papas and it noted that the group wasn't together that long but that in the time they were, they touched people and that's how I feel about Unfiltered.