Friday, May 16, 2014

SVA Testifies Before Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee

This is from Student Veterans of America:

   SVA Testifies Before Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Yesterday's hearing before the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee made it clear that the number one challenge facing the VA healthcare system is the issue of access. SVA was proud to provide the voice of student veterans in that hearing, ensuring that their interests were represented on this issue.

Despite recent allegations, Sec. Shinseki's performance has proven he is a leader who has drastically improved the quality of support for veterans in higher education, and can do the same for the rest of the VA given current momentum. President and CEO D. Wayne Robinson noted, "SVA believes that Sec. Shinseki is dedicated to America's veterans more than ever; it has been under his leadership that the VA has seen substantial improvements over the years." 

SVA remains committed to the holistic well being of student veterans, and continues to push the VA to improve all services that affect the ability of student veterans to succeed academically. As such, SVA will continue to call for student veterans to have on-campus access to VA health professionals. Student veterans in rural areas, or those that have a difficult time accessing VA healthcare, should be able to access this service in their personal communities.

SVA is working diligently to ensure that those veterans in higher education are afforded the same level of benefits that all veterans deserve.

For questions on this or other issues concerning student veterans, please contact William Hubbard at or 202-223-4710.