Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To Anti-War Or Not To Anti-War?

That became the question.

The answer was: Not to.

I thought I'd do an early entry for a change. I start working on it and Martha calls to tell me about a series of e-mails.  Some in a panic, some just tossing out an FYI, some asking questions.


About this.

Oh, great, we're going through that crap again.

Some e-mailers are alarmed.

I don't blame them for being alarmed.

So what's going on?

I was as in the dark as you.

I don't use Google Chrome.  I think it's an awful browser. I use Mozilla mainly.

So thank you to those who e-mailed for about this for whatever reason.  I wouldn't have known about it on my own.

If you click on "Advanced" (see earlier image), you're taken to this.

Note, you can't click on them in these screen snaps.  These are screen snaps not links (clicking on them will make the image larger, however, for those who may have trouble reading the tiny type).

What you're taken to is a page explaining the problem (or 'problem') Google Chrome has identified.

For this site?  Google Chrome says our problem is

If you click on "Details about," you're taken to this page.

That's the 'rap sheet' on

We're removing it to get the warning to go off.

We did this with another site and, honestly, it never came back.

It was a worthless site.  It still is.  I just checked it.

It has one non-worthless moment in a link that is hilarious.  A bunch of faux peace 'activists' are begging for money.  They came back to beg for money!

I can't stop laughing.  It may make the snapshot this week or we may just pull it on over to Third but it is hilarious.

Anyway, the plan is not to keep off.

By Thursday (that may be Friday morning, as always, it's still the day until I get to go to sleep), it'll be linked to again. does important work and, especially right now, it is needed.

But so is a degree of calm.

Some people -- community members as well as visitors -- are worried re: The Google Chrome message.

I understand that.  I don't blame you for being concerned.

So this is going up to explain what is going on.

I've pulled from the links.  That generally means that an hour or three after a 'malicious' site is pulled, visitors stop getting the warning they're now getting.

This explanation of what's going on will be up for at least 24 hours before I put back on the links.  When I do, there's a good chance the malware warning will return.

A) I've walked you through how to find out what the issue being flagged is.

B) You've had a chance to get a heads up.

So in 24 hours, we'll put back on the links and if the warning comes again, you should know why it's there and it's not an issue.

That Google Chrome is putting a warning on this site because of who we link to?

That's not malware on this site.

That's an issue crap ass Google Chrome needs to address.

But if the warning returns we'll just live with it.  And if you can't, I understand and there are millions of other sites you can visit.

But in the current reality, we can't delink from

They may be the only (non-community) site that calls out war regardless of which idiot in the Oval Office is pimping it.

I do understand people's concerns.  I'm not mocking anyone who e-mailed.

To address those concerns, I've not only written the following but I've pulled for 24 hours so that you can see this entry without seeing Google's stupid warning first.

But after 24 hours, goes back on the link list.  And if it happens again, this message covered it.  We're not going to delink from them again to put this message back up again or a new one.

After Target's Christmas scandal, people are especially concerned about their privacy in day to day actions.  And who wants to go out and buy a new laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, soul enhancer, what have you?

Each time I get a new laptop, it takes me an hour to install everything and to upload everything I need to do this website.  And I really don't have that hour.  I don't have the time this morning to spend on this issue.  But I'm making the time.

There won't be any other morning entries.  I'll try to come back this afternoon.  That's because the time I had was used addressing this issue, finding out what was going on this time, delinking (that took forever -- doesn't show up under the "A"s, it's the "n" for ""), doing the screen snaps and writing this redundant entry.

It's good in a way that nothing else will immediately follow this because that means more people visiting the site will see it and, again, we're not going over this every time it happens.

This is the FYI and we're moving on.

We're also not keeping off the links.  It will return.  If the problems resurfaces after it returns?  Oh well, we already went over it and we're not delinking againk.

I've explained  how you can find out the 'problem' Google Chrome 'sees'. is an important site and we'll relink to it after 24 hours.  (Sooner if the feedback from community members -- members made this site, they determine this site, we love visitors and drive-bys but members outrank you here.)

And because we try never to waste a moment here, let's realize that this entry's topic goes beyond our usual topics so let's use this opportunity to note this:

That's Sunday, May 11, 2014.  From left to right, that's US General Lloyd Austin (top US commander in Iraq until December 2011 and now head of Centcom), that's US Ambassador Robert Stephen Beecroft (soon to be out the door) and lastly thug, girdle wearer and prime minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki.

That's the meet-up about more US troops going into Iraq.

We covered it in 

  • Iraq snapshot

  • Hejira

  • You should have heard of it.  You didn't.

    The media silence on this is very telling.

    And isn't it amazing that Beloved Prasha (Prashant Rao) can Tweet a photo of Brett McGurk meeting with Iraqis this week but ignore Austin's visit.

    It's not news that, as Nouri's open now to more US troops on the ground in Iraq, the leader of CENTCOM has a sit-down with Nouri?

    I was dead tired Sunday after we finished at Third and bored and trying to stay awake to finish the "Hejira" entry.  There was no news from Iraq that I felt worthy of opening the entry.  So I went around to the usual Iraqi government sites, hoping to find something.  At Nouri's site, I found the photo above.

    Otherwise, we'd be as silent as everyone else -- only we'd be silent out of ignorance, not out of cowardice.

    When this happens, and it happens over and over, it really goes to how useless so many websites are online.  They're real good about telling you how 'evil' Republicans are, aren't they?

    But if you're left, don't you already know about Republicans?  (Actually, you probably don't because your image of them is a caricature of fangs and claws, not as human beings.)  Most Democrats and most of the left are not going to vote for Republicans.  But the point is to scare you so bad that you will vote and that you will vote Democrat.

    As the Congress sworn in on January 3, 2007 aptly demonstrated, voting Democrat solves not one damn thing.

    But the scare-mill that is online America has plenty of time for that sort of garbage.

    They just won't tell you what you need to know.  Which is why I read someone (I'll be kind and not name names) on the left writing just yesterday that special ops might get sent into Iraq!

    Might they?

    They were. Fall 2012, Barack sent an army brigade of special-ops into Iraq.

    The New York Times even reported it.

    But the online whores ignored it.

    Which is why no one should take them seriously when they bring up Iraq today -- when they bring Iraq this month by whining about 2003 to 2008 and ignoring everything after Bully Boy Bush leaves the White House -- that's how you know they're whores.

    They won't take on events after because heaven forbid they tell America Barack sent troops back into Iraq (and all troops never left to begin with) or that Nouri al-Maliki got a second term, after losing the 2010 parliamentary elections, only because the US government brokered The Erbil Agreement -- which spat on democracy and on the Iraqi voters. They certainly won't point out that the failure of Barack to keep his promises regarding The Erbil Agreement created the multiple crises that Iraq currently faces.

    They don't care about Iraq, they're just whores.

    The e-mail address for this site is