Saturday, May 17, 2014

The violence continues

Loveday Morris (Washington Post via the Stars and Stripes) reports on a soccer field in Baghdad's Sadr City:

  The contractor who built the field — who did not want to be identified, out of fear for his safety — said he was paid $1.1 million for the job by the U.S. Army. But it's difficult to see where that money went, despite his assurances that the site was once in a better state of repair.
There are no lights, no bleachers, no showers. The boys who play here use a nearby shop to wash. When it rains, the field floods and local residents chip in to buy new dirt to resurface it.

A substandard soccer filed which cost the US taxpayer over a million dollars gets to the fakery that was always at the heart of the Iraq War.

There are no election results but they say, the IHEC, that they've finished counting 15 provinces (out of 18).

There are no election results but there is continued violence.

National Iraqi News Agency reports military forces killed 5 suspects outside of Falluja, military forces killed 5 suspects in Aljazeera, a Tarmiya roadside bombing killed 2 people and left thirteen injured, a Kirkuk roadside bombing left one farmer injured, security forces killed 15 suspects, 1 police officer was shot dead in Mosul, 1 Sahwa was shot dead outside of Baquba, a Salah al-Din bombing left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and three more injured, and 1 intelligence officer was shot dead (four guards injured) outside Tikrit.

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