Thursday, December 31, 2015

Those never-ending victory laps

I guess every day is going to be about declaring and celebrating the liberation of Ramadi -- since it was first claimed on Monday and until the day finally comes that it is liberated.

Point of fact, it's still not liberated.

But every day, the limited amount of time the world press spends on Iraq is taken up by tales of Ramadi's liberation.

And so much more gets ignored.

For example?

IRAQI SPRING MC reports counter-terrorism forces in Diyala shot dead a female civilian in front of civilians and Iraqi troops.

Or how about a new flashpoint developing?

IRAQI SPRING MC notes troops being sent to Basra.  This comes as NATIONAL IRAQI NEWS AGENCY notes MP Abd al-Salam al-Maliki is calling for the declaration of a state of emergency in Basra arguing the situation there is turning into a crisis.

But by all means, let's all waste another day declaring Ramadi liberated (when it's not).

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