Saturday, October 26, 2019

Social Media Censorship, New Network

Social Media Censorship, New Network

I've had enough of the bulls[**]t suppression & censorship! Here's a new social network...

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Social media censorship & suppression has become utterly absurd!!
I have so much vital info to put out but very few people see my posts. It would be more effective if I stood on a street corner and read the posts out loud.
Any information that can unite the American people on solutions and core issues of systemic corruption is targeted for suppression.
Unless you're posting two-party partisan groupthink or divide & conquer divisiveness of some sort, the Algo Thought Police stomp your posts down.
I have helped build & organize massive global movements using social media and now it is algorithmically designed to suppress any movement that is not sanctioned by the two-party oligarchy.
It's complete tyrannical BULLS[**]T!!!
Being censored like this is outrageously frustrating... and when you complain about it people just think you're weird.
I'm over it.
We’ve just started a new social network...
ChangeMaker.Media is for people who are interested in creating positive life-enhancing change.
We are providing this service to shine a light on corruption & solutions - so we can share info and interact on a deeper level.
We are not using any ads and will not sell or share your personal data.
If you are aware enough to be on this VIP email list, you know how important it is to have a social network that puts its community before cashing out.
This is a small email list and you are the first people to hear about this.

They say in life that you have to pick a hill to die on…

I have been hacked, censored and suppressed to the point where I can no longer make a living.

This is seriously a matter of survival. This is truly a WAR.

Tactically, we absolutely need a suppression-free social network.

I am going ALL-IN on Changemaker.Media.

Please sign up!
Here are some Changemaker Pages to get things rolling…
Have a great weekend, hope to see you on the new network…
Much love & respect,
~ David DeGraw
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