Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Some Tweets from Elizabeth Warren

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    I attended and taught at America’s public schools, and I believe in them. That's why I've got a plan to invest in public schools and ensure every kid in America has the same access to a high-quality public education.
  • I'm not afraid to fight for big, structural change—and neither are the people of Cedar Falls. Thanks for being part of this grassroots movement!
    Elizabeth Warren waves to a crowd of supporters in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    Elizabeth Warren waves to a crowd of supporters in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
    Elizabeth Warren poses with a family after the Cedar Falls Town Hall.
    Elizabeth Warren poses with a family after the Cedar Falls Town Hall.
  • Let’s be clear: Access to safe, legal abortion is a constitutional right. Every time we deny access to safe, legal abortion, we put lives in danger. I’ve got a plan to protect our reproductive health care in every state.
  • Our farmers face the impacts of climate change every day, from blistering heat waves to record flooding. The USDA owes them the truth—and the Trump administration must stop burying its head in the sand. The climate crisis will only get worse until we act.
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    WATCH : Senator joined striking and teachers and support staff to support their demands for STRONG public schools and more community investment! ✊✊✊
  • Small businesses are the heart of our communities, and we must make sure that they can thrive. Thanks to the small business owners of Waterloo for chatting with me today about how we can make their businesses stronger.
    Elizabeth Warren shakes hands with an employee of a local hardware store in Waterloo, Iowa.
    Elizabeth Warren makes a pinky promise with a little girl.
    Elizabeth Warren shakes hands with an employee of Brothaz Barber Shop in Waterloo, Iowa.
    Elizabeth Warren selects an ice cream flavor at a shop in Waterloo, Iowa.
  • I became a teacher, a law professor, a senator, and a candidate for president of the United States—all with the tools that a public education gave me. (Yes, that’s me in elementary school!) Share your school photos and why you're .
    Elizabeth Warren's elementary school photo.
  • I'll say it again: This is corruption, plain and simple. Donald Trump must be impeached.
  • Parents would do anything to ensure their children have a fair shot in life—and I want to help. That's why I've got a plan to make sure every kid can get a high-quality public education that sets them up for success.
  • Our public schools are more segregated today than they were thirty years ago. I'll renew the fight against segregation by helping integrate our communities—and by strengthening and robustly enforcing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • A new bulletproof memorial marking Emmett Till’s brutal lynching was installed this week after multiple markers were previously stolen, vandalized, and shot. Racist attacks are not just a part of our history—they are a part of our present, too.
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    “A white friend admitted that she had never seen a single photo of a lynching. I was shocked, but not surprised. A lynching was a warning. She didn’t need to be warned.” — in
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    Good day to be reminded there is a museum to make us understand the terror and legacy of lynching “More than 4400 African American men, women, and children were hanged, burned alive, shot, drowned, and beaten to death by white mobs between 1877 and 1950.”
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    The President of the United States comparing an impeachment inquiry to a is not a “distraction.” It is a reflection of the very real trajectory of our nation and the very repugnant evil of racism, which still permeates both legislation and language in the United States.
  • . and are fighting for their students and their schools, and I'm marching shoulder-to-shoulder alongside them. They need resources—and they need a .
    Elizabeth Warren greets public school teachers and staff at the Chicago teachers strike.
    Elizabeth Warren takes a selfie at the Chicago teachers strike.
  • Today, I went to Chicago to stand with the teachers on strike. They’re fighting for our children and for America's future—and I'm with them every step of the way.